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British Columbians should be asking CC4BC: "Were you the brains behind the BC Liberal's HST implementation or everything?"

Over Two years ago (October 22, 2010)  Laila Yuile wrote a Post called:

100 reasons the BC Liberals must go.

While the BC Liberals will often tout their real and alleged successes, they clearly try to spin and deflect their failures into thin air. The extent to which they will do this is quite phenomenal -  Recently, newly unelected premier Christy Jersey Girl Clark has even desperately resorted to re-announcing older press releases, trying to garner more positive feel good press for support, yet only insulting the people of BC even more in the process.
Thankfully, British Columbians have long and solid memories of the Liberal era of cuts.
Here is the comprehensive list of 100 reasons the BC Liberals must go.  Please, feel free to continue to add to the list in the comment section below, and I simply ask that you provide concrete examples with links, if you can, so we can provide an honest and factual record of what I call the Golden Decade- of deceit.

If the BC Liberals are doing such a great job at "governing", since 2009, why did Premier Gordon Campbell resign?

A political party is NOT one person, it's a conglomeration of many, and as such it wasn't one person, such as Premier Campbell or Minister of Finance Hansen (not on my Radar) that steam rolled the HST onto the Public without any consultation.    The Public received the HST because of a UNANIMOUS vote of endorsement by the BC Liberals.    And they held on to that belief, still hang on to that belief, to this day.

Make no mistake about it.  If the BC Liberals win this year, the first thing that they will do is Change the Act surrounding the Public's right to call for a Referendum on shoddily written BC Liberals legislation.
Change the required percentage (simple majority, 50 + 1) by raising the Bar when it comes to a Referendum.
Change the number of words in an application for a Referendum

And then bring back the HST!!!

Every one of the BC Liberals voted for the HST.

Every one of them should have resigned when Campbell broke cover and ran for the White Cliffs of Dover.
Check out Laila's Blog on what the CC4BC have been endorsing for the past 12 years.  Do we want FOUR years of Christy, another FOUR years of the BC Liberals sucking up to Stephen Harper?


We've removed the Links below that Laila has written into her Post.  It's well worth the visit to her Blog to see what she's dug up on the BC Liberals.

100.   In 2001, newly elected Campbell tore up legally signed and binding contracts between the government and the HEU, creating a rush to privatization that continues to this day.
99.  Gave himself a whopping raise of  $ 60,951  in 2007, which works out to a crazy 48.1% hike – and gave all BC MLA’s a pay raise of 29% while he was at it.
98. Drunk driving conviction in 2003 while on vacation in Hawaii ( I feel strongly politicians who are convicted for any crime, should no longer to be able to hold office, based on the notion that they need to provide an example of a standard of integrity that is inherent to the position. )
97.  ”Fabricating” an ‘energy crisis’ in BC to be solved by forcing the public utility BC Hydro to buy power at twice the market value from Liberal-stocked independent power producers and then reselling it at a loss to owners of air-conditioners in California.
96. Closed 24 of 68 courthouses so the Attorney General could meet budget targets, therefore putting excessive strain and overload on the remaining ones, and forcing people to travel further to deal with family and criminal matters.
95.  Reduction in the number of courthouses has  now lengthened the trial wait times  in some areas to years, which often results in the accused being released from all charges  because of the right to a speedy trial.
94.   Since 2001, 10 jails have been closed across the province, creating dangerously overloaded conditions in the remaining facilities,and increasing the likelihood many criminals will serve time in the community or receive suspended sentences because of that overcrowding.
93.  Massive, MASSIVE cutbacks to legal aid services in this province, across the board, for the entire time Campbell has been in power . More people than ever are unable to remedy family law and simple legal matters because of lack of funding and resulting closures to free clinics, help lines and offices. 
92.  85% of  Legal Aid offices in BC closed,
91. Reduction in 75% of staff
90. Cut family law by 60%
89. Closure of Law Line, a free legal assistance number for low income people to access help and advice.
88. Closure of 5 regional Legal Aid offices in Surrey, Victoria, Kelowna, Kamloops and Prince George.
87. Legislating the Paramedics working conditions.
86. Campbell supports and champions the Enbridge project,  and refuses to commit to protect the BC coastline from a spill like the Exxon Valdez
85. The B.C. Liberals issued permits to a company that wanted to burn creosote soaked railway ties in the city of Kamloops without any consultation. The project was only stopped when countless community members and more than 100 Interior doctors opposed the project.
84. Massive cuts to the Parks Budget over the years has resulted in a lack of protection for endangered ecosystems, a lack of park rangers, and unsafe and unsanitary conditions in provincial campgrounds across the province.  Many  free campgrounds  and picnic areas have been de-commissioned over the years
83. Committed to NOT introduce internet gaming in 2007, then created and introduced the new BCLC online gambling site this year, again increasing and furthering the incidence of gambling addiction and family strife, since there is no way to police it.
82. Raised gambling limits to $ 9,999.00 – a mere $1 below the reportable level to FINTRAC, the agency that monitors and polices money laundering… lol.
81. Raised MSP premiums, while service and wait times increased – and get ready for another MSP premium increase January 1st, 2011/
80. Campbell lowered tax rates – the wealthy benefit the most from those rate cuts, while instituting user fees for some public services that were formerly paid out of tax revenue. This resulted in proportionally higher tax increases for the working poor struggling the hardest to make ends meet.
79. Charging user fees at publicly funded hospitals in Vancouver , even to people with insurance, for anyone requiring short term residential care to recover from a medical treatment  – coming soon to a hospital near you
78. Closed 176 schools between 2001  and  2009 . ONE FREAKING HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SIX SCHOOLS!!!!
77. Cut funding to the Success by 6 program, an initiative which gave young children a head start  through more than 400 projects in 240 communities in British Columbia, including early childhood literacy programs, music and social programs for preschoolers, mentorship programs for single mothers,  and pregnancy support .
76. Cuts to seniors services and care
75. Cuts to PAC’s across BC  ( Parents Advisory Councils) resulting in parents struggling to make ends meet having to pay more for school related activities
74. Cuts to Annual Facility Grants
73. Government continually breaks it’s own class size limit legislation
72. Cuts to funding and programs for special needs children in schools as a result of budget cuts.
71. Highest tuition fees  ever on record , for university and colleges in BC
70. Campbell  shows his true feelings about education and the future of our province, and cuts $16 million dollars in student loan funds, with no warning, leaving students unable to attend classes, and wreaking havoc on families already financially strapped
69. In addition to the above loan cuts, the BC liberals also cut non-repayable grants to student, also with no warning as detailed in the above link. Some university students found out the hard way when they called Student Aid BC to find out where their grant was, after enrolling and days prior to classes commencing.
68. BC  has one of the highest BC Student loan rate in the country.
67. BC post secondary students collectively pay more in fees than government collects in corporate income tax, showing where Campbell’s priorities really are.
66. Cuts to surgeries in BC
65. Cuts to diagnostic and rehabilitation services
64. Cuts to community outreach services
63. HORRIFIC cuts to domestic violence programs and violence against women outreach and counseling programs
62. Cuts to many vital medical and health related items previously funded for those on income assistance
61. Closed CHIMO Achievement Centre, a therapeutic day program for adults with disabilities
60. Cuts to income assistance programs
59. Although Campbell has increased the number of Casinos and access to other forms of gambling, continued cuts have been made to the amount of gaming grants given out to  social service agencies, programs, playground and schools
58. Special needs assessment for children eliminated in the Fraser Health Authority, meaning families must travel to Sunnyhill at Children's Hospital for diagnostic services and care ( I know this one first hand! )
57. Autism: BC’s Early Intensive Behaviour Intervention programs were cut
56. There are only enough regulated child care spaces for 15% of children under 12 in BC
55. Elimination of conservation officers mean less enforcement and protection over larger areas, putting people and wildlife at risk
54. Cuts to environment ministry last September saw the Environmental Stewardship division—which includes protection of BC’s 2,000 species at risk, fish and wildlife habitat, and air and water—sliced by almost $4 million
53. Unregulated fish farms on the coast of BC and their impact on wild salmon stocks, as well as the increase in fish farm licenses the Libs handed out during their tenure.
52. The systematic rape of many rivers in BC through Independent Power Projects
51. While Campbell continually has pressed and pushed these projects as safe, clean energy, the truth is that they can, and have extremely horrific impacts on the environment around them, as detailed in this post
50. The announcement by Campbell to flood hectares of prime land for yet another dam to generate power the province will sell elsewhere
49. Crown land giveaways  and contracts apparently based political donations
48. Clearing ALR land for development, over and over
47. The Campbell government admitted that during the most recent election they suppressed information showing the number of people in BC forced to apply for welfare had increased by 10,000. The information was released shortly after the election
46. Gordon Campbell claimed he was not aware of how bad the financial outlook of the province was prior to the election, despite the world financial crash that was well underway.
45. The public is kept in the dark as John Les, the province’s top cop, is under police investigation for almost a year
44. The “coincidental” and repeated occurrence of  development and real estate companies who donate large $$ to the Liberal party of BC, getting lucrative land deals and approvals across the province
43. The ” coincidental” and repeated occurrence of other corporations( mining, gas, oil and independent power producers) who donate large $$ to the Liberal party of BC getting lucrative contracts, deal and approvals across the province:
42. In February 2008, the public learned that Campbell’s TransLink board voted themselves a 500 percent pay raise. Only a few weeks later, the premier’s BC Ferries directors received an increase of up to 60 percent — on April 1, 2008 – the same day ferry fares were increased for British Columbians.
41. The very large and expensive  mess that is known as BC ferries
40. The very large and expensive mess that was known as the BC Transmission corporation
39. The very large  and again, expensive mess known as BC Hydro , which is on the path to financial ruin
38. 2010 Olympic debt legacy
37. Despite those ” tough economic times “Campbell decided to appoint a larger, expanded cabinet, costing us all more ( for quite a bit less, in my opinion)
36. The over-inflated, expensive and relatively useless Public Affairs Bureau( otherwise known as internet trolls who monitor,watch and read everything written anywhere about Campbell and his Liberal cohorts)
35. ”Die Entscheidung von Campbell, deutsche Scheißfährschiffe zu kaufen“, or for those of you who do not speak German, ” Campbell’s decision to buy crappy German ferries ”
34. Choosing to contract out the storage, handling and administration of our personal medical records to an American company, which leaves personal information potentially open to dubious uses with American law enforcement
33. Campbell failed to hold regular legislature sessions,- twice –
32. Campbell's decision to sign TILMA – the Trade, Investment, and Labour Mobility Agreement
31. Sold off BC Gas, now known as Terasen
30. Passed Bill 20, which prevents local municipal veto of Run of the River projects
29. Exporting raw logs to China and elsewhere ( a direct contradiction to a campaign promise he made prior to first being elected back in 20o1) all while closing BC mills who could process wood here.
28. Vancouver convention centre completely ridiculous cost overruns , which technically might make it the largest screw-up in the history of BC – that is, until the final and true bill for the new Port Mann bridge comes in
27. Sea to sky highway over-runs – with no toll to cover costs . Campbell told press repeatedly at photo ops that the cost of the highway would be $800 million, yet the final cost was  nearly$2 billion +
26. Failed P3- Port Mann Bridge debacle – ONGOING, and with no true inkling of how much it will cost because it has yet to be completed – not to mention Coquitlam and Burnaby residents get a hell of a lot of road/highway improvements, yet don’t bear the brunt of paying tolls like everyone south of the Fraser does….
25. Failure to enforce what faulty lobbyist legislation there was – and now is
24. Failure to protect renters in BC with appropriate “Renoviction” legislation
23. Bill 29, which was  and still is, a  constant source of tension and stress for seniors and health care workers
22. The  tragically expensive new roof on BC Place stadium,  which Campbell has repeatedly claimed is ” on time and on budget” (  at a cost that some say, could have given us an entire new facility) Originally announced at $365 million BEFORE the election, it went to $458 million after the  election, but then we found out it was actually $ 563 million.. unless you include the cost of Empire Stadiums upgrade of $ 14 million… which gives us a grand total of $ 577 million-  only $208  million over the first announced budget ( gotta love that Liberal accounting, eh? )
21. Lara Dauphinee - ” And’s that is all I have to say about that.”  ~ Forest Gump
20. The horrible fate of Fish Lake – a pristine lake in the Chilcotin that will be killed if Tasko mines gets their way
19. More cuts to seniors beds in residential care, than have been created, leave seniors and their families at risk and great worry
18. Homelessness in BC  has risen over 300% during Campbell's time in power
17. As of March 2008, there were 12,050 people on B.C. Housing’s wait list for subsidized housing. Somehow we don’t have the ability to address these issues, but we seem to have found all that money for the Olympics, a new roof for BC Place, and a host of other expenditures authorized by Campbell and the Liberals.
16. Social housing projects that the Liberals announced would be fast tracked and completed by the Olympics, were not, and no word where they are at now
15. Severe mental health and addiction cuts left many on the streets and without care- this continues through 2010 with no plan to address the challenges of the most vulnerable
14. Ken Dobell. And there are many more just like him among Campbell’s crew
13. ”The Kinsella Connection”
12. Neglecting to protect public assets and interests from foreign takeover.
11. Kevin Falcon…. ugh. Screwed up transportation, and is busy screwing up healthcare.
10. School budgets are so tight as a result of being underfunded, that our children are required to bring boxes of Kleenex as part of their school supply list!
9. He has never answered the 70 questions Krog asked him about the sale of BC Rail.
8. Campbell and his government continue to demonstrate a lack of transparency, and accountability, and seem to specialize in secrecy, as repeatedly shown by their refusal to initiate public inquiries into a number of their activities, including the sale of BC rail.
7. Our minimum wage is the lowest in Canada, our training wage for young and new workers is $6.00 an hour, and Campbell thinks this is just hunky dory, because ” we have other programs to offset any issues related to lower wages”  – uhhh, no we don’t Campbell, you cut them all!
6.  While Campbell has cut student aid and tuition rates here in BC are at an all time high- making it hard for domestic students to obtain a post se secondary decree, it turns out that  BC’s number one export overseas, and the Liberals have been promoting our universities and colleges to overseas students
5. The highly contentious and suspect South Fraser Perimeter Road – yet another project in Campbells infamous Gateway program, that  runs through farmland, skirts the unique and precious Burns Bog, and has taken more than a few peoples home, AND  has already been downgraded before it is even built
4. The corrupt sale of BC Rail, and everything related that has happened before- and since 
3. The pay-off of Basi and Virk to plead guilty to some charges in the trial – but not the ones relating to the sale of BC Rail and the highly suspect relationship between someone who assisted in authorizing the deal- and one of the key witnesses about to appear
2. The HST and all the lies that surrounded the introduction of it to the people of BC –

1. Child poverty rates the highest in the country – 7 years in a row – Shame, shame, shame. Doesn’t Campbell know the children really are our future ?

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