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The "Good, Bad, Ugly" - This Post is about the Ugly: Hansen, Campbell, Falcon, (de Jong), Christy Clark

If you've lost track of the desperate, bone headed promises by the BC Liberals when times get tough, financially......., then Thank Goodness there are copies of speeches, videos too, still in existence, (Check against Delivery) except for the shredding/temporarily losing track of, all things related to the Raid.

Remember this Financial speech?  "February 2, 2009 State of the Economy Update".   The file is   239,349,974 bytes strong, going by the file name of   EconomicFiscalUpdate2009_CUSTO.flv.mov    If you have the time now, download, listen to the two speeches, look at their charts, and take in the questions from the Press, because what the BC Liberals say, they do the opposite.

The "Update" by the Finance Minister lays out the "challenges" that 2008 has had upon all economies, ------- except for British Columbia.   The on screen Slide presentation show a dramatic drop in revenues from Natural Gas, an equally dramatic drop in sales to the USA, Canada's largest trading partner.  Nothing but doom and gloom because of Spin Doctoring.

"Update 2009" actually takes place BEFORE the Spring Budget, and because of that one "feature", Finance Minister Hansen stands behind a curtain of secrecy claiming that the Press' questions will be answered after the Spring Budget is introduced in the Legislature.  Repeatedly, during the Update, the Press presses for Answers, and still the Finance Minister and the Premier, refuse.  We recognize the spin doctoring process of not answering important questions from the Press, because it's strikingly reminiscent, as of late, with the sudden departure of Christy Clark's Chief of Staff, Ken Bossenkool.....and we will never be told why.

Update 2009 presentation, with Premier Gordon Campbell taking hold of the Podium talks about being honest, frank, with genuine intentions of .... his meeting with the Press, his "laying the cards" on the table, that the Government has to keep the Public informed of what the BC Liberals are doing ...... was a Sham ..... because at NO time was the acronym of HST mentioned.

Fast Forward to another Former Finance Minister .... Kevin Falcon ....... announcing that he is following up on Christy Clark's Spring 2011 Budget on her promise to get tough with Commercial Crown Corporations, with a fine tooth comb...    Falcon sends in his Ministry "Team" who's sole job is to review Crown Corporations and when they go in to check the books, like an Entity called ICBC, the Minister points out that these guys ..... like bull-dogs ...... don't leave, they camp out, until they go through all of the books AND understand what is happening.    Mind you it took eight years or more to get the gumption up, politically, to take action.

Now don't mix this "Team" of Falcon's up with the Auditor General of British Columbia and his staff.....no, no, no.... these are the guys that are hired by the Finance Minister(s) to keep an eye on the BC Liberal Money.   Not OUR money, their Money.   This Team has total access to everything, they don't need to go to the Supreme Court of BC to gain access to what is hidden behind that curtain of secrecy that the BC Liberals rely upon so heavily.

Yesterday the BBC was pointed to a particular interest of a "Visitor" where upon looking at one of our previous Post for June 14, 2012, we realized that the search criteria of  "GCPE Newsroom Delivery Account" , without the quotes, was generating hit after hit with very little result, but as you well know by now, search results include, for example ....  GCPE Newsroom delivery account ..... but the topic within, doesn't have one thing on GCPE etc.  Current Sports, YES, but past history of the GCPE is wiped clean.  We fine tuned the Search Criteria, by adding Quotes.   Makes all the difference in the world, because of this..... if you click on the Link above..... with quotes, the

First Result is  Government releases results of ICBC review | Vancouver, B.C.

The former Finance Minister is beating his own drum of how he acted decisively upon Premier Clark's instructions where "He / She" were going to cut costs in Commercial Corporations "Just Like We Have Been Doing in Government."

There are two Clips at SendToNews and you'll find that Second clip just below the First Clip


The Title for this Post came from Kevin Falcon's speech where he describes how HIS in-house financial wizard "Team" is more than willing to look for .... "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" in any Commercial Crown Corporation.

Government releases results of ICBC review. Uploaded by GCPE Newsroom Delivery Account. August 16, 2012 09:58 pm UTC. Story Content ...

VICTORIA - Government has completed its review of ICBC and will be working closely with the corporation to ensure all recommendations are addressed, Finance Minister Kevin Falcon announced today.

As announced in the speech from the throne and Budget 2012, government is reviewing all Crown corporations. Overall, the review found ICBC has done a good job managing its investments and keeping premium increases low over the last 10 years, with drivers seeing premium increases averaging less than one per cent per year.

The review makes 24 recommendations, including several where the corporation can be better aligned with government's priority of cost containment. ICBC has accepted all recommendations and started work on an action plan to better serve British Columbians. The corporation has fully implemented five recommendations, eight recommendations are partially implemented, and implementation of the remaining 11 recommendations is underway.

ICBC has put a claims cost strategy in place with the goal of ...

To read the rest, you have Pay for our own government Press releases

Then yesterday, online followed up as a hard copy today, Jonathan Fowlie's interview with Premier Christy Clark:

Clark agreed that her government’s February budget is “going to be tight” but rejected the suggestion that 2013 will be a repeat of 2009. That year, then-premier Gordon Campbell’s B.C. Liberals tabled a budget with razor-thin margins, only to have the targets blown out of the water in the days immediately after the election.

“It’s not the same. It’s very different,” she said.

“The reason the government couldn’t meet their target was because there was a global financial meltdown unlike anything anybody’s ever seen since the Depression. That’s not where we are today,” she continued.

“We are today in a world of economic turmoil, but we are stable and growing here in British Columbia. We’re doing quite well despite what’s going on around the world,” she added.
January 1st is a new beginning, right Christy?  The provincial election four to five months away, plenty of time to pour out more millions in advertising.  Is your new Minister of Finance and HIS "Team", looking for a path around the USA financial Cliff or are you going to pull the same stunt that Hansen and Campbell tried to pull off with the HST?

b) the public office holder shall not have any power of management or control over the trust assets;
(c) the trustee shall not seek or accept any instruction or advice from the public office holder concerning the management or the administration of the assets;
(d) the assets placed in the trust shall be listed on a schedule attached to the instrument or contract establishing the trust;
(e) the term of any trust shall be for as long as the public office holder who establishes the trust continues to hold his or her office, or until the trust assets have been depleted; etc.....

With MLA's investments tied up in these Blind Trusts, to ensure they don't take advantage of INSIDER information being gleaned from being Government, are those who are ducking for "cover", not standing for election, has their decisions been influenced by that fast approaching USA cliff?  Ah!! To be out as an MLA, back in control of personal finances.

A SNAP election would help them.

The sooner the better.


Who can forget Dan Murphy's 2010 take on Mike de Jong as the Attorney General.
$6 million to cover a plea bargain?

Mike de Jong as Finance Minister, signing over
$64 million to cover Christy's advertising

That spending spree of the BC Liberals is downright 

"......There's actually only two budgets," said de Jong at a news conference releasing the government's economic update Wednesday.

 De Jong didn't provide a detailed plan on how the government will get there beyond the government's previously announced tightening of discretionary spending and travel and a hiring freeze. But he also didn't rule out increasing taxes or making further cuts.

There's deficit budgets and surplus budgets," he said. "It's not just a cushion of balancing. We're going to have to present a budget that will withstand scrutiny, that will show sufficient surplus as to be credible. ......"

From the BC Government Debt Management Website, Deficit is explained:

Deficit – an excess of expense over revenue. The annual deficit is the amount by which the total annual operating expenses for the year exceed total annual revenues. The accumulated deficit is the sum of all deficits and surpluses incurred since the inception of the provincial government; it also represents the amount by which the total liabilities of the province exceed its total assets. Deficit spending is the spending of public funds raised by borrowing rather than by taxation.
Just to be absolutely clear here, we're already in a deficit position by about $2 billion, and the BC Liberal government is still spending public funds which means they BORROWED $64 million  to propel them into a fourth term..... go figure...

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Anonymous said...

We all remember Campbell and Hansen saying, BC had a tiny little deficit, in this recession. We also remember?? Colin Hansen caught in a lie had to admit.....The HST scam was on his and Campbell's radar, including Harper's radar, before the BC election. After the BC election, those radar papers went to Harper, faster than the speed of light. However, reversing the HST just can't be undone, faster than the speed of light.

AND!!! The BCR wasn't for sale either. Strangely at that time, Christy was Campbell's Deputy Premier. The rest of the Liberals were around then too. They were all brain dead, just like Martyn Brown. No-one knows what happened to the BCR??? It simply vanished, all on it's own. $6 million of our tax dollars were thieved by someone, to pay the two patsies legal fees.