Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Premier Christy Clark's Official Christmas Photo Op at the Expense of Children

Update December 19, 2012  ScreenShot Spreadsheet data at bottom of Post re Foster Children gifts.... no monetary increase in the last three years.

The Gazetteer, Laila Yuile and Ian Reid have the story: "BC Government denies cancelling gifts for kids in care" ....  with only six days left before Christmas ......  
 "Any claim that the ministry will not be supplying Christmas gifts for children in care is absolutely inaccurate....."

"Funding to cover gifts for children and youth in care is built-in to monthly payments the ministry sends to foster parents. For children and youth living independently or on Youth Agreements, ministry staff are authorized and encouraged to ensure those young people are remembered over the holidays and gifts are provided."
The PAB for Premier Christy Clark are desperately trying to put out another fire here, and all because the Minister of Finance said that he was going to tighten his belt on Government spending ...... at the expense of Children First.

What get's us, here at the BBC, is that the PAB/GCPE Press Release for Christy Clark was decreed by the Executive Council and the politicians are being very, very, specific......   the Foster children will be remembered over the holidays (Christmas) and gifts are provided.

Sort of gives you a warm fuzzy do-good feeling to garner more votes, doesn't it.

This is a perfect example of what's wrong with every Press Release from the Premier's Office.  Christy Clark and HER Deputy Premier are suffering from "Marketing Myopia"..... defined and Paraphrased as:

A short-sighted and inward looking approach to marketing that focuses on the needs of the BC Liberal Government instead of defining the Government and its Services in terms of the corporations (first) and citizens' (second)  needs and wants. It results in the failure to see and adjust to the rapid changes (Boessenkool) in the BC Liberal's six month $64 million pre-election campaign, using Taxpayers monies.
The Marketing Myopia that the BC Liberals have incurred here, just before Christmas, is that they are ONLY focusing on Christmas Holidays and Christmas Day Gifts!

What about Birthday Presents for the Children?

In a December 3, 2001 Editorial Cartoon by Ingrid Rice, Premier Gordon Campbell and Deputy Premier Christy Clark won an Award after being in power for seven months ...... and now it appears that Premier Christy Clark and Deputy Premier Rich Coleman have improved on the BC Liberal Government standings by lasting Twenty-One months, and won the same Award:

Here are the Two Winners for 2012 and in their  Official Christmas Portrait

Source for more:     The SFU Library Editorial Cartoons Collection


BC Liberals have said they have tightened their belts, crunched their numbers, tweaked their "built-in to the monthly payments" for Foster children covering Christmas Holidays and Gifts, but here at the BBC, we haven't found the information in an Open and Transparent BC Liberal Government.

Take a gander at how Kentucky reports to the People: 


British Columbia  "Foster Family Care Home Monthly Rates"

As a Spreadsheet, from the link above, the BC Liberals have created another miracle in financing, but this time around the Government have been systematically decreasing the increase and there hasn't been an increase since April of 2009..... Three years!

So where, from within the built-in monthly payments have the Christmas presents AND Birthday presents, materialized from? 

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