Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Christy Clark's "Humpty Dumpty" Free Enterprise Hiring Hall

There is this earlier BBC version of Christy's Humpty Dumpty, but with all of the updates that were written, and then Re-written, we felt that in light of the latest defection from the BC Liberals MDM Key Contact List, in regards to the Office of the Premier executive branch.... it was time for another.

We'll drink to that.

Not the most noticeably gone from the fold, is the $2 per year man, not $1 per year man as widely reported, Jim Sheppard (11), the former Senior Policy Advisor joined Christy's tin pot navy reserve to see the world, which included China.  Mr. Sheppard has gone off to set sails towards the Public seeing Christy Clark through rose coloured glasses, for he sees she as being a PERFECT administrator of how to run an Office and a Province.

Chief of Staff Ken Boessenkool(1) has now tendered his resignation, no severance pay, after an in-house investigation by his inferiors decided, after two weeks of deliberations on the QT, that it was only right that he should fall on his own sword, an on cue, he did.

Dan Doyle, the replacement Chief of Staff for Mr. Boessenkool will have the same phone number as his predecessor, so watch out for sparks flying when those who don't know there's been a change in the handler.

All this goes to prove that Christy Clark is right about ONE thing..... Family is First.

We didn't know whether Mr. Doyle (1) listing should actually be just above the number (10) listing.

Number one would place him in Victoria, whereas the first/last place that Mr. Doyle was seen, was being hired by Premier Christy Clark's in her Vancouver Office.  If you're trying to get your bearings, look just over the back of Mr. Doyle's chair, there's the Premier's Helicopter floating pad near Translink's Sea Bus Terminal.  Sorry, BC Government flights to Victoria's belt-way only happen from February to the end of May.

Don't ask us why CC has a pad for her rolling chair and DD doesn't.....Photo Op
Another "Don't ask" is, haven't the two of them ever heard about BC Hydro Power Smart Program?   Wasting water just so the Premier can explain to the Chair of BC Hydro what his job description is going to be, when the curtains to her Office are wide open and in its the middle of the day and she has her Desk light turned on?

Office of the Premier executive branch (January 2012) September 25, 2012
 MDM Key Contact List  MDM Key Contact List Effective: 2012-09-18

*****The New MDM Key contact list is NOT effective, at all!!!

Victoria Office

1 Mike McDonald (chief of staff) Ken Boessenkool    Dan Doyle
2 Dimitri Pantazopoulos (principal secretary) Mike McDonald
3 Kim Haakstad (deputy chief of staff, operations)

4 Shane Mills (director of communications)Feb 2011 Sara MacIntyre
4A Shane Mills (Director of Issues Management)
Doug Brown (manager, communications and issues management)
Spencer Sproule (Senior Issues Management Coordinator)
5 Dimitri Pantazopoulos (senior advisor)
6 Trevor Halford (senior communications coordinator)
10A Rebecca Scott (communications officer and deputy press secretary)
Barindar Bhullar (Senior Outreach Coordinator)
7 Stacie Diey (communications coordinator)
8 Jessica Hodge (executive assistant to the premier) Gabe Garfunkel
9 Jennifer Chalmers (executive assistant to the chief of staff)
 Vancouver Office
10 Chris Olsen (press secretary)
11 Jim Sheppard (Senior Policy Advisor)
12 Pamela Martin (Director of Outreach)
13 May Lee (Administrative Coordinator)
14 Katherine Bergen (Events Cooridnator)
15 Virginia Bremmer (Exec. Recept. & Admin. Support)
Deputy Minister's Office
16 John Dyble (Deputy Minister to Premier)
17 Neil Sweeney (Deputy Min. Corporate Priorities)

Update to another BBC Post, this time on Fines, including illegal FireArms

In 2010, 184 firearms – including 109 handguns – were seized in the Pacific Region, including Surrey, according to the Canada Border Services Agency. The next-highest tally was in the southern Ontario region, where 171 guns were seized. - Globe and Mail January 22, 2012
In one fell swoop the RCMP have collected 110 weapons, mostly rifles, mostly with Scopes, from downtown Terrace. Turns out there isn't just Oil and Gas Pipelines running near Terrace, there's other kinds of "pipelines", the illegal variety.

 Carry unauthorized firearm ..... 26 (1) ................. $575

 In other words 110 firearms is going to cost someone,   $63,250 in penalties!

Anyone done a tally what the nine months tally so far is for 2012?   Let's see.....171 + 110 = 271  Did someone want to start a war in Northern BC with the latest seized weaponry?


Dave said...

So ... here's a question we should be asking of all our premiers, regardless of political stripe:
"How many friggin' offices in how many cities does a premier believe they are entitled to occupy?"

Clark has an office in Victoria, the provincial capital whether she likes it or not, paid for by us - the public. She also has a constituency office in Vancouver, on West 4th, paid for by us - the public.
And she has a Vancouver office in Canada place where she houses her buddy Pamela and other assorted Yaletown shopaholics. We're paying for that one too! But we should be asking, why? Nobody else gets three offices.

North Van's Grumps said...


We covered that topic on September 20, 2012, by saying this:

"Members of the BC Legislature's ONLY have two places of Work, one is in their Constituents Riding, the other is in Victoria where they stand together, or apart on either the Government side of the Legislature or on the Opposition side, which includes the Independents MLAs (Opposition). Now its been revealed, in the Premier's own words that Victoria place of Work is a SICK CULTURE. For the Majority of MLA's, Victoria is the ONLY place where all the MLA's congregate to discuss issues concerning each of their Ridings, each of their Constituents.

The Premier is the exception to that rule. The Premier has Her Constituent Riding office, Her Victoria office and Her Downtown Vancouver Premier's Office.

How is it in times of restraint, the Premier, the BC Liberals too, justify basically double dipping of having TWO seats of Government power...... snip"

e.a.f. said...

Yes, how did all those guns get into Terrace? there must be some back story or was the owner just feeling insecure? I wonder how many others in the north have such a lovely collection.

North Van's Grumps said...


You'd think that they wouldn't just have ONE corresponding caliber of bullet for each weapon.... hundreds, hopefully not thousands.

110 rifles,

100 rounds for each rifle

11,000 rounds altogether

Terrace is a small town therefore some Stats are needed here:

What are the requirements to join the Terrace Fire Department as a Volunteer?

Quick Facts on Terrace

Population: 11,320

Roughly one round per citizen.

Not calling Terrace "Dodge" of the old west, but the Firemen would have to Dodge roughly 550 rounds per volunteer; a full crew of 20.

Just how stupid are these guys, the bad guys that is.

Putting things into context here, basically what the bad guys had at their disposal of 110 Rifles is a six barrel Gatling Gun for each idiot.