Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Minister of Education George Abbott used to be Minister of Health. Instead of using words, he used to use Report Cards.

However Mike de Jong, the new Minister of Health doesn't like using Report cards, instead, he uses baffle-gab during the Opposition's Question  Period.   There is no Clostridium difficile Infection Rate for the whole Province.

Mike likes to wave his arms around and say "Look at all the new Hospitals we have in British Columbia....."  and then when it comes to Burnaby General Hospital, he tells listeners ..... its old, four patients to a room.

From above, the colours are easy to use, utilize:

Green is Good    Yellow is Mediocre    RED is BAD

This Report Card, below, is from April 2011 to January 23rd, 2012

Report Card for the whole document

When Education Minister George Abbott returns from China, be forewarned, Report Cards in Schools will be coming out, but colour Coded for expediency!

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