Tuesday, December 20, 2011

OOP-2011-00457 Early Christmas Presents for Premier Clark's "Premier" hired hands who JUST have to have an iPad tablet


Christy Clark's Open Information on iPads via an FOI was released to the public on November 23, 2011.  The Vancouver Province published it on October 4, 2011, two weeks earlier.

Christy Clark can you explain why you caved in and provided Athana Mentzelopoulos and John Dyble and Dimitri Pantazopoulos and Sandy Wharf and Jennifer Chalmers and Mike McDonald with iPads at $953.33 each and a Monthly service fee of  $22.40, while Gabe Garfinkel's iPad cost  $986.93 and a monthly service fee of $22.40. 

Why is Gabe Garfinkel treated differently?

More to the point, why, in an FOI, why did your government leave out mentioning the minor detail of the 267 Tablets in Open Information?

More Search results for BC Government iPads, in Google, happens if you use these keyword/numbers  OOP-2011-00457, first four hits apply.

Read all about it in the Vancouver Province.....

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