Thursday, September 8, 2011

""Join Jane" coffee meetings, or meet me at one of the many community events I regularly attend in North Vancouver....."

Why is it that the Three MLAs on the North Shore can't get it straight on who THEIR Constituents are?

How many EXTRA brochures were printed, just to be on the safe side?  $$$$$$ for each Riding?

When does Kevin Falcon's belt tightening begin?

Premier Christy Clark was sworn in on March 14, 2011, and today, I received a document printed on 100% recycled stock from Jane Thornthwaite.  She says that the environmental savings are as follows:
14 trees,
764 kg of Trash 
50,420 litres of Water.

And it was printed in a Carbon Neutral Facility.   Oh Goodee!

29 photos later, two of which are of  HER on a business like card all by her lonesome self.

Will I be on the receiving end of another document from my REAL  MLA tomorrow and will the environmental savings regarding how it was printed turn out to be a lost cause?

Problem is, Jane's NOT my MLA and there's this bit of NEWS, one that Jane is so excited about, she's been been appointed to the Cabinet Committee on Families First to represent MY interests.

As to the Families First Cabinet Committee:

Cabinet Committee on Families First
Mary McNeil (Chair)                       Vancouver-False Creek
Margaret MacDiarmid (Vice Chair)  Vancouver-Fairview
George Abbott                                 Shuswap in red on the map above
all others are far too close together to be seen individually
Harry Bloy                                       Burnaby-Lougheed
Marc Dalton                                    Maple Ridge-Mission
Michael de Jong                              Abbotsford-West
Dave Hayer                                    Surrey-Tynehead
Gordon Hogg                                 Surrey-White Rock
Joan McIntyre                                West Vancouver-Sea to Sky
Jane Thornthwaite                           North Vancouver-Seymour
Naomi Yamamoto                          North Vancouver-Lonsdale

George is from the Heartland of BC
Michael is from Abbotsford
Joan, Jane, and Naomi are from the North Shore
Dave and Gordon are from Surrey
Mary and Margaret are from Vancouver
Harry, good old Harry is from Burnaby
Marc is from Maple Ridge/Mission

Now we know where the Families are in British Columbia!

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Anonymous said...

I still say we must expel the Lower Mainland from BC. It may give us Premiers but they are ignorant of the rest of this province.