Wednesday, December 15, 2010

“The people I sent the documents to were friends,”

Now you might think that its only the "Best Place on Earth", British Columbia, where people in politics share document amongst their few chosen friends to gain favours in exchange for information that no one else has seen.  Nope.  Not only Victoria, but Ottawa, as well.

"A Conservative staffer who leaked confidential finance committee documents to five lobbyists had approached all of them previously in an attempt to land a job."

Conservative aide leaked budget files to ‘friends’ he’d tapped for jobs

"Russell Ullyatt's testimony provides glimpse into close ties with lobbyists"

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As it turns out Dave Basi and Erik Bornman(n), (who still wants to be is a lawyer), considered they were "friends" as well and chose to ignore the fact that Dave, being an employee of the BC Liberal Government  was not permitted to accept monies in exchange for information he had, to pass on to a third, and fourth party.

Dave, if you can recall from way back in 2003, saw himself as working for the BC  Federal Liberals, with a little help from his friend, Erik Bornman(n).

Russell Ullyatt, on the other hand, at the Federal level of politics saw a step up would be to become a Lobbyist, and why is that?

More on this later, here.

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