Wednesday, December 17, 2014

LNG Canada to ReRoute Salmon away from the mouth of the Fraser River, conceptually

Kitimat Estuary, not the Fraser River Estuary, but what's the difference eh, with a little bit of entrepreneurial flim flam and the introduction of a Conceptual Fish Habitat Offsetting Plan by LNG Canada.

The area within the yellow line is ......
Shell, KOGAS, Mitsubishi and PetroChina
LNG Canada

Water Availability for LNG production in Kitimat

Wetland Compensation Plan in Kitimat

Reference: LNG Canada Bioavailability Technical Memo in Kitimat


For more than a century, B.C.’s economy has been rooted in natural resources. Today, B.C. is Canada’s second-largest natural gas producing province, and recent discoveries of additional natural gas in the northeast portion of the province means we have even greater reserves than we thought previously. In fact, B.C. has significantly more natural gas than needed for its domestic consumption.

With the leadership presented by the government of B.C., the opportunity now exists to export some of Canada’s excess natural gas to Asian markets, and in the process, create a world-class export industry with a product recognized as both affordable and cleaner than other hydrocarbons, and safe to store and transport.

Shell, KOGAS, Mitsubishi and PetroChina are working together to design, build and operate the proposed LNG Canada project, located near Kitimat, B.C. in the traditional territory of the Haisla First Nation.

LNG Canada is uniquely positioned to realize the potential benefits for British Columbia because of the world-class technical expertise we bring to producing, storing, shipping and selling gas, along with the access to markets that comes from our group of partners. .......
Has Kinder Morgan done it's own Conceptual Fish Habitat Offsetting Plan for their Oil Tanker fleet running to and fro through Burrard Inlet (Indian Arm too), more so the unavoidable mouth of the Capilano River spawning grounds?

Forked Mouth of Capilano River

Yes they do, but as of August 2014 it was in Stage 4 Preliminary Stage.

Google Search Criteria:  Conceptual Fish Habitat Offsetting Plan, Kinder Morgan

Google Search Criteria: Fresh Water Conceptual Fish Habitat Offsetting Plan, Kinder Morgan

Google Search Criteria:  Conceptual Fish Habitat Offsetting Plan, Capilano River
For more than a century, B.C.’s economy has been rooted in natural resources. Today, B.C. is Canada’s second-largest natural gas producing province, and recent discoveries of additional natural gas in the northeast portion of the province means we have even greater reserves than we thought previously. In fact, B.C. has significantly more natural gas than needed for its domestic consumption.
With the leadership presented by the government of B.C., the opportunity now exists to export some of Canada’s excess natural gas to Asian markets, and in the process, create a world-class export industry with a product recognized as both affordable and cleaner than other hydrocarbons, and safe to store and transport.
Shell, KOGAS, Mitsubishi and PetroChina are working together to design, build and operate the proposed LNG Canada project, located near Kitimat, B.C. in the traditional territory of the Haisla First Nation.
LNG Canada is uniquely positioned to realize the potential benefits for British Columbia because of the world-class technical expertise we bring to producing, storing, shipping and selling gas, along with the access to markets that comes from our group of partners.
- See more at:
Shell, KOGAS, Mitsubishi and PetroChina

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The One Two Punch: Site C Decision Tuesday vs Health Researchers Firing Garbage Day two days later

Interesting, no.

The Government of Christy Clark sets all of the dates for when reports are due.

The report from an 'independent' open ended investigator on the Health Researcher Firings was picked for December 19.

The knock out decision on BC Hydro Site C escalating $600 million each year during construction is set for today, December 16.

Which is the Public going to remember and hold the BC Liberals to Account?

Dramatic, expensive, imposed rate increases on our  electrical bills.....


The Even more dramatized shift to the Independent Power Producers who have only being fed on milk, and are about to have the cream......


Natural Gas fired electric generators ........ where British Columbia has more of that fuel than fresh water........


Health Researcher fall-out.     ZERO

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fair Incendiary Comment: One Record Album contains: paper = 451 F.; cardboard = 500 F.; vinyl record = 400 F. (melts); Bill Cosby = Hell

Within our record collection of 173 albums we came across five Bill Cosby's, and then we went Hmmmmmmm.

One, maybe two, were our purchases but the other three,    hand me downs.

We don't suppose that the old adage of 'Innocent until Proven Guilty' will help the Public understand the rights of either Bill Cosby or CBC's former Q-man-dude-who-did-do-it reputations.

Cosby's reputation isn't going to rebound! 

What does one do with the physical components of paper, cardboard, and vinyl?  Recycle? Heat the house?

Q-man-dude-who-did-do-it, we never listened to, nothing to delete.

 CBC has taken a stand against this:

Q with Jian Ghomeshi - Shows - Shows - CBC Player
A lack of racial diversity is the least of this film's problems, says CBC's Eli Glasner. Watch>. Republic of Doyle | Dec 10, 2014. 610 - Last Call (Series Finale)


The Province   Sunday, December 14, 2014...........
Retro Resurgence.....

Red Cat Records    Question:  How many Bill Cosby records are on the shelves?

Eifel Tower Panorama

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Fix is In: Edgewater Casino camera operators are reading your Cards, and Text messages

Harvey Oberfeld  Supreme Court Gets it Right ... maybe
......... the Supreme Court, is really quite limited: police will be able to search, without warrant,  the content of people’s cell phones …but ONLY IF they have been arrested on a particular charge.  And the ONLY INFORMATION they can gather MUST be related to those charges.

In other words, the police will NOT be able to just stop anyone in the street and, on suspicion or just a hunch, demand a look or search of anyone’s cell phone.
The Supreme Court Decision: R v. Fearon

Note: The birth of this Post started November 10th, and then put on the backburner, until we read Harvey Oberfeld's Post this morning and we went Ahhhh Haaa!

The Vancouver Police Department was caught red-handed using Edgewater Casino security cameras to read over-the-shoulder-text-messages to capture criminals planning their next act, the moving of illegal weapons.  A Judge shot that method down as an invasion of privacy covered by the Charter.

The lesson learned will be that the next time any police force uses over-the-shoulder-text-messages reading they'll not be entering the collection methods to the Courts, fact is they'll deny the evidence ever existed because charges were based on solid,  hard work, due diligence, investigative police work.   Which is fine so long as their new method doesn't include you and me, the law abiding folks, who are merely typing in our passwords to buy some gas while that overhead camera... for the protection and security of the Oil Industry property .... at their gas pumps ...... from perps.

Has there been a Report on over-the-shoulder 'shooting' thefts on Credit/Debit Cards?

The November Post-to-be-Now

Who's checking up on Edgewater Casino camera operators when the police aren't looking over 'their' shoulders who are using the technology to catch the gun toting bad guys?

Vancouver Sun:
Judge raps police for using casino cameras to read suspect's texts     By Lori Culbert, Vancouver Sun November 11, 2014

........In his ruling, Bowden said casinos rely on high levels of security to detect cheating, money laundering, and other public safety threats. "The Crown's position is that there can be no expectation of privacy in a casino in British Columbia," he wrote.

The casino camera operators could zoom in on Wiwchar's cellphone and read both messages he was sending out, and incoming messages from others. This would be no different, the Crown argued, than someone looking over his shoulder while he was typing.

Bowden, however, sided with defence lawyer Simon Buck, who argued his client had a reasonable expectation of privacy when sending and receiving texts on his phone, even if he was doing this inside a camera-ladened casino.

"There is no evidence to suggest that a person standing close to the applicant could have read the messages," the judge added.

Instead of photographing the text messages, police should have used the more traditional method of obtaining copies from his cellphone service provider, Bowden concluded. ......

Edgewater Casino Poker Room:
 Think you’ve got what it takes to be a great poker player? Earn your right to boast when you play against the best in BC! Edgewater Casino offers a variety of Limit and No-Limit Texas Hold’em games

 The Edgewater Casino, located adjacent to BC Place in downtown Vancouver, BC was converted from the original Expo 86 Ontario Pavilion in 2005. ATB supplied many of the architectural components in addition to forming and fabricating the steel components for the Joel Berman Feature Glass chandelier located in the uppermost roof peak. For the casino, we formed and fabricated the stainless steel handrails and the gaming table canopies that both supply an architectural flare and allow the mounting of security cameras in an unobtrusive way.


Casinos have struggled to remove problem gamblers for some time. They have tried facial recognition software to keep problem gamblers out, but they admit it just doesn't work. They've had more success using licence plate recognition software, but that leaves out everyone entering on foot.


Edgewater’s top criminal-incident ranking, Paragon Gaming Corp. spokeswoman Tamara Hicks said the casino has a safe environment, a product of its advanced security and surveillance system and highly trained staff.

“Our security systems are very comparable, if not stronger, than a bank,” she said. “We track everything. The cameras are there. You can’t go to the bathroom without being watched.


.... relocated Edgewater Casino will have 1,500 surveillance cameras and 150 security staff monitored by trained staff 24‐hours a day.


Seventeen BC Casinos Amigos
 Don't let your Thrills go south

It’s always thrilling to play in BC. Why? Let’s start with millions in tax-free jackpot winnings given away every month. And when you earn ENCORE Rewards points you can use them at any BC Casino and Chances. Plus, with Classic Reel slots you’ll get the full slot experience in your own backyard. There’s no reason to go anywhere else. 

There is a Note on BC Casinos Security but it's all On-Line software stuff, not a whisper is stated by BC Lottery Corporation when it comes to camera surveillance violating your Charter rights to Privacy.


 No mention of who in the BC Liberal Government doles out the $134 million as was the case for Premier Christy Clark spoon feeding it to municipalities for oversea trips....

 .......  The spring season marks another intake period for organizations to apply for community gaming grants and grants from the BC Arts Council. The BC Arts Council awards $24 million in grants to artists and art organizations, while $134 million in community gaming grants support the work of thousands of community organizations. Grants support efforts of organizations and individuals who are enriching our culture, and making a positive difference in the lives of B.C. families.

I look forward to connecting with you again soon in this space.


Honourable Coralee Oakes
MLA for Cariboo North and
Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development
Minister’s bio


Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Winner is: Premier Bill Bennett. The Loser is (we had a tip): Premier Christy Clark

Back in our February 18, 2013 Post we knew then that Premier Christy Clark's Election promise of Debt Freedom 50 years based on a Trillion Dollars LNG industry, would fail, fail because of the past experience of the Socred Party's promise by Premier Bill Bennett's BCRIC.

We knew from the get go that Premier Clark's would be in a dead heat race to the bottom as to whether or not jockey Sir Bennett riding on  BCRIC One would win out over jockey Dam Clark riding on BCRIC II (aka $50 Billion Prosperity).

Come on Prosperity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we cheered, and then tore up our shares for we betted on the wrong horse.

Premier Christy Clark's Gold BCRIC Version II .... The Prosperity Fund

Second Place First

First Place Second

Premier Christy Clark promised a new industry of LNG and there's nothing happening.  Million of taxpayers dollars have been spent promoting Government programs, Government officials ..... and all that the BC Liberals can harp back as a defense is to point to the failure of the BC NDP Fast Cat Ferries as a bench mark.

The difference is that the Dippers followed through with job experience building those vessels.  Those apprentices became trade persons who are now contributing to the economy of the province and paying income taxes to the BC Treasury.  Where are the jobs today?

When is Premier Christy Clark going to 'walk the talk' on Prosperity, Debt Freedom ..... is a bust!

There is an out for BC voters, lawsuits.

December 11, 2014

Vancouver Sun

 Hard Copy/Home delivery

Page D4: Business

Mining Law


Canadian parent companies on hot seat

By Drew Hasselback

Vancouver Sun borrowed this story from The Star Phoenix, which is bizarre since the case is before a British Columbia Court......

..... suing the Canadian parents (company) for negligence and other traditional torts on the grounds that management hasn't lived up to the standards outlined in its public pronouncements.

"Realize that when you're making these statements, you're creating a situation in which you'd better ensure that your subs and employees are properly trained, and that there are no incidents which could give rise to liability," Mr. Sarabia says.

The implications are simple. Canadian companies must be prepared to defend themselves in Canadian courts based on Canadian principles, lawyers say. These cases involving the activities of foreign subsidiaries are landing in Canadian courts based on traditional and recognized Canadian legal principles.  .....

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Queen of Photo Ops Christy Clark had her Prince of Props: Kevin Falcon: now there's Pretender Peter Fassbender

We just couldn't believe Christy Clark's response in Question Period IN the BC Legislature the other day accusing John Horgan of being a seeker of a photo opportunity.  ...... "The pot calling the kettle black".

The public may not be aware of the 10 terabyte photos of Queen Christy that are kept in the Treasury vaults, but something, or someone(s) have finally run amuck in the organization of ALL those Flickr photos in the possession of the BC Liberal Government.

How can it be that a Minister elected in May of 2013 can be depicted as an un-elected MINISTER in 2003?  Just ask Education Minister Fassbender.

We did a Post in October of 2012 selecting Finance Minister Kevin Falcon for photo ops because of his propensity for being a stickler on being a miser to balance his budget, but then with a flip of the coin he is guilty of being wasteful in resources solely to capture those monumental photos to the tune of one gigabyte, and counting.
"B.C. maintains prudent fiscal ...."

Do we really care that Harry Bloy had photo OPs or is it about giving recognition to others
Bloy presents medal to party (Brian Bonney) operative behind controversial Burnaby Hospital strategy

November 14, 2012 - Vancouver Sun

There are ways to keep track of photos and to fully utilize the Trash/Recyclilng Bin so that only the most precious of moments are kept, thereby keeping a lid on the Treasury spending sprees, there is FREE advice available:
....Once your photos are in, you have Flickr's photo organizer to manage them. For the 159 photos I have hand-picked and sent to Flickr, the organizer works just fine. If you have hundreds upon hundreds of photos, and they're roughly organized into events, you can do some sorting, searching, and set-making to get your stuff together. But you're still the one naming the folders, setting them into the online filing cabinet, and deciding which photos are worth saving, and which are just extras. - FASTCOMPANY

...Once your photos are in, you have Flickr's photo organizer to manage them. For the 159 photos I have hand-picked and sent to Flickr, the organizer works just fine. If you have million upon millions of photos, from thousand and thousands of photographers using multiple platforms and they're roughly organized into events (HOW many types of cameras are issued to GCPE, Government Caucus Staff, eg Brian Bonney?), you can do some sorting, searching, and set-making to get your stuff together. But you're still the one naming the folders (along with those professional/non-profession in-house staff, setting them into the online filing cabinet, and deciding which photos are worth saving, and which are just extras.  And just how many staff have access to the BC Liberal's Flickr's accounts at the same time?  Save this; Cut here; Replace this; Paste here....Now where the HELL did that FOI folder go?

A Nikon CoolPix has a penchant, a programing default, to name the photos DSCN????????, which is fine until the SD card is formatted and then the programs starts out at the same starting point DSCN?????????. (Digital Still Capture Nikon).  Repeating the same sequence creates the need for unique named folders, with unique named files, for unique named photographers, for ....... . Turns out Nikon Camera has cornered the market in the category of naming images, uniquely, which is fine, unless of course there are 100 Canon EOS REBEL.  There is the one lucky fellow who has an older Fujitsu, film, digitally scanned.

On November 21st, 2014, one day after the second from the last week of the BC Legislature Fall Sitting:

Premier Christy Clark, with Minister Steve Thomson jetted up to their same home-away-from-home town Ridings, the very next day.   Question: Did MLA Eric Foster, who represents Vernon-Monashee, take the same flight as his compatriots or did he bus up to Kelowna for the same Photo Op?  Bad apples Photo Op in Vernon?

Canon EOS REBEL T2i is preferred by GCPE

One Camera, Two Camera, How Many More
Three - videographer top right , any more
How many hired hands are we paying for a Photo Op?  And who is the guy on the left, hands in this pocket, talking to the Other Photographer with the speaking notes?

Apple Waxing shining with (Kinder Morgan) petroleum base, NOT welcome in WholeFoods

Disadvantages of waxing apples
Waxing apples can have some negative effects on the apple fruit. One of the effect is anaerobic respiration that can occur in the fruits since the wax may act as oxygen barrier.
The wax can be used to disguise the quality of apples. Waxed apples may look glossy, sleek, shiny, firm and appealing, but they could be soggy and lacking the desirable crispy texture.

Ways to know if apple is coated with wax

Normally if you pick an apple from a tree and rub it with your hands, it leaves whitish kind of powder on your palms. This is the natural wax on the surface. Similarly waxed apples if scratched slightly it is possible to notice a very thin layer peeling off. Most likely this is added wax.


Nearly 10,000 photos scattered over 4 albums.........? 1915+2673+1560+3346 = 9494

Education Minister Peter Fassbender, photo taken January 1, 2000, honest!

Education Minister Peter Fassbender, photo taken January 1, 2004 BUT, and it's a LARGE but, the BC Government Membership with Flickr is December 2009!!!

Do the Dates and Time Tell the Truth of When/Where

A few more clicks and it would be animated
Have the BC Liberals found themselves in such a Flickr wasting of resources position that to correct their mismanagement of the Photos it would require a change of Government?

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Kinder Morgan Roughnecks, are they DENSE? Where's the FENCE

Roughneck:   is a slang term for a person whose occupation is hard-manual labor working on oil rigs. The term applies across a number of industries, but is most commonly associated with oil rigs.

Why are property tax payers in Burnaby, let alone anywhere else Kinder Morgan works on drilling wells or installs their pipeline, responsible for policing?

 According to National Energy Board (NEB) there are rules by which Petroleum companies have to abide by when they come anywhere near the Public: Notice of Work near Populated Areas.

Working conditions here (Metro Vancouver), is not the same as there where it's sparsely populated areas, whether it's northern British Columbia or the scattered, connecting valley bottoms, river crossings, ice melting mountain tops in the province's southern territory.

As Pamela Gardner pointed out in the Vancouver Sun Letter to the Editor on Friday, Mining has done a terrific job of putting Vancouver, not her Burnaby it seems, on the map.  Vancouverites, not Tank Farmers Burnabyites, are a Required to remember to bend one knee to praise to the Lord Oil Masters.

What Gardner missed, along with a Burnaby General Hospital Quick Win Riding;
What Kinder Morgan missed;
What KM lawyers missed;
What NEB missed;
What the Police missed;

Is the local history upon how buildings are assembled in "populated areas".

Within the last nine years residential new home construction have had to delve into the murky world of Risk Management protocols to replace the mentality that a Work Place is a Safe Place - In God We Trust when it comes to stopping metal thieves; tool thieves - Job Boxes can be carried away; gravel and lumber thieves; and the small matter of the public, adults and children, being injured because safety was amiss after work and especially on Weekends.

The immediate result was the New Era of Chain Link Fencing, complete with a gate, or two, segregating vehicles from pedestrians, not necessarily the other way around though, Man believes in Go where We See, if the timing is right.  Next came the LOCK on the Chain Link fence after the contractors realized that the sight of a Chain Link Fence wasn't a sufficient deterrent to stop those same people from Trespassing.   The posted Trespassing sign in itself, didn't work either.

The final touch to the Chain Link Fence was the addition of an underpaid night watchman which spilled over into a 24 hours service due to day time activities with multiple Chain Link portals.  The caliber of these fine individuals, sometimes wielding Stop/Slow hand held signage, speaks to the problem of the overhead that companies must bear, and transfer to the Owners, funding set aside for their Risk Management programs.

So why is it that Kinder Morgan, well known for it's antics using CSIS and the RCMP to track down a senior who took a couple of pot shots photos through their oil tank farm CHAIN LINK fence, now believes that their Roughnecks wielding chain saws, heavy equipment, and drilling rigs are somehow entitled to waste taxpayers money so that they can have an injunction order from the Courts and RCMP acting as their personal guards when all that Kinder Morgan should have done was to obey the National Energy Board when it comes to working in Populated Areas?

Erect a Fence!

And having said that, for Populated Areas, any proposed work by Kinder Morgan should be following NEB guidelines and use Chain Link Fence for their trench warfare. 

Anyone interested in buying shares in a chain link fence company?

Temporary Portable Fencing

The president of Kinder Morgan says his company isn't responsible for the policing bill related to pipeline protests at a Metro Vancouver conservation site.

Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan has suggested the energy giant help pay for police who spent over a week blocking demonstrators from Kinder Morgan's surveying site on Burnaby Mountain.

But Kinder Morgan Canada president Ian Anderson said during a telephone townhall on Wednesday night that policing costs are a municipal responsibility "and that is what we all pay our taxes for."
The company was granted a court injunction last month ordering the protesters away from the survey site so its crews could do work for the proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, but dozens defied the court order and were arrested.  CTV

Kinder Morgan created the RCMP tab, we'll leave KD with a tip, take Corporate Responsibility Canada and skip the bullshit of having 1.5 million hours worked safely, up to June 2014.  From when, 2013?  USA and Canada?

Canadian Standards Association

 PLUS 663 (1st ed. pub. 2004) - Land Use Planning for Pipelines: A Guideline for Local Authorities, Developers, and Pipeline Operators

Page 14 of 36 Controlled areas
Pipeline regulators implement regulations in the interests of protection of the pipeline and the environment, and the safety of the public, contractors, and the pipeline company’s employees. Within these regulations, the pipeline regulators have, in most jurisdictions, designated an area of 30 m on either side of a pipeline in which, subject to exceptions for such things as normal farming activities, anyone proposing to conduct a ground disturbance must:
(a) ascertain whether a pipeline exists;
(b) notify the pipeline company of the nature and schedule of the ground disturbance; and
(c) conduct the ground disturbance in accordance with such regulations.

 In a Populated area...... fencing is required

NEB to Kinder Morgan: Pipeline emergency management program must be made public

The National Energy Board has ruled Kinder Morgan must release its emergency management program for the Trans Mountain pipeline 

The last word from the NEB:


Corporation of Burnaby    Construction Site Safety


It would appear that Kinder Morgan has broken their own rules when it comes to Job Site safety, they could have installed a fence to keep the Public, Police, Protestors and Press OUT:

Based on the scope of work and hazard evaluation the Contractor (Drilling Rig) shall develop crew/tasks specific Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) or Job Safety Analysis (JSA) which identify all routine and non-routine tasks, the associated hazards and the control methods (Court Injunction not permitted) used to manage or eliminate the hazards.

The JHA or JSA needs to be utilized by each crew (Not Including Field Lawyers) on a daily basis to assist in identifying hazards associated with the work task.  The expectation is that each employee reviews the JHA or JSA and the foreman discusses the hazards associated with the assigned tasks.  Each day new hazards may exist and need to be identified on the JHA/HSA and discussed in the daily crew tail gate meeting.
 "Fence Installation and Removal" fourth item Left column

Is Kinder Morgan subject to FOIs because their work is shared with the NEB?  Are certified copies of the JHA and JSA tail gate Reports that were written up daily for the duration of the project on Burnaby Mountain available?   Would the Reports include the hazard of the wrong GPS co-ordinates that were given to the Court to which the RCMP maintained and charges thrown out by that same Court?  Was drill hole in the wrong spot, or close enough?  Were the protected Burnaby trees cut down for NOTHING because they weren't in the Drill Zone?

Friday, December 5, 2014

Veterans' 100 years: Canada 'promises made to the ear are being broken to the hope'

 In the Province newspaper this morning there was an article providing a step forward on behalf of our armed forces personnel and then in a blink of an eye, the newspaper inserted an abbreviated typeset, lower case, lack of Ink, or a column's width ....   "Vets need .......".

Veterans need!

In a 2008 CBC 'Hockey Night in Canada' broadcast, Don Cherry laid into a fellow journalist for shortening Memorial to simply Mem.
(Cherry's family history: One grandfather was a Mountie who had to defend against Whiskey traders, and another fought at Vimy Ridge in the World War I.  Explains a bit about how he ALWAYS mentions soldiers and chastises those who say "Mem" Cup instead of Memorial Cup.)
The Memorial Cup was proposed by Captain James T. Sutherland during World War I, who wanted to create a trophy as a memorial to remember the OHA's players who died during the war. When the trophy was created, it was dedicated in honour of the soldiers who died fighting for Canada in the war. It was rededicated during the 2010 tournament to honour all soldiers who died fighting for Canada in any conflict.
The Province's headline punch of   VET   brought me up to attention thinking that Health Minister Terry Lake was about to have the riot act read out to him in regards to the firings of the health researchers in 2012.   Terry Lake, if you are unaware, is a certified Veterinarian, a 'Vet' without front line duties. 

2014  The Province:
Wounded war vets need special rights in the same way as aboriginals

Veterans deserve special treatment under the constitution in the same way aboriginals are guaranteed unique rights, a lawyer for six soldiers injured in Afghanistan has told British Columbia's top court.

The federal government is obligated to make good on nearly century-old promises to care for the only citizens it orders into possible death while fighting to make "our country possible," Don Sorochan told a trio of judges as he disputed that aboriginals are the only extraordinary case.

"The politicians acknowledge this. They stand by the cenotaphs," Sorochan said Thursday in the B.C. Court of Appeal.

"And yet we have an argument raised here ... that veterans are only entitled to whatever benefits the Parliament of the day may deem to be necessary. ........"
  - Tamsyn Burgmann - Canadian Press

Of Copies of Resolution Presented to the Premier and Members of the Executive by a Large Gathering of War Veterans, Patriotic and other Associations at the Parliament Buildings, April 10th, 1918.

Premier's Office,
11th April, 1918.
John Oliver,

Inasmuch as the delegates of the returned soldiers who went to Ottawa recently to confer with Sir Robert Borden and his colleagues in matters of vital importance in this crucial time of the Empire's history have come a way from that conference in several instances disappointed men.

Their disappointment will be shared by many and the feeling is widespread that promises made to the ear are being broken to the hope. It was known to the Government that the returned men had considered questions with regard to "enemy aliens," with respect to the conscription of men of alien races, and other matters of equal importance. The Government recognized the fact that the War Veterans were men who would debate these questions with tact, judgment, and experience, and, more than that, their sufferings and their sacrifices would give them a status for the expression of opinion which could not be ignored, but deserved and demanded consideration, and the Government, as was to be expected, very rightly asked the War Veterans to bring the result of their deliberations before them.

This has been done, and the result has been that for the present, at any rate, the War Veterans must bear the disappointment that "the Government is unable to accept their proposals."

There is not a returned man who is not alive to the difficulties and clangers of the complicated questions which now confront the Governments in all parts of the Empire.  However, it was decided at a meeting of all returned men, held in this city on April 6th, that a public demonstration is necessary, and that all bodies interested in the enemy alien question should be asked to take part in the demonstration, and also to adopt the resolution as set forth. .....................

 Is the government paying bonuses to VAC officials to cut services?

Fri, Dec 5: There was a contentious point raised in Question Period Friday as opposition MPs claimed the government has been paying Veterans Affairs Canada officials to cut jobs and services.

December 9, 2014
Pete McMartin: Disabled veterans’ rights a matter of law, or justice?

The federal government risks political backlash by treating injured vets like liabilities>

...... “When members of the Canadian Forces put on the uniform of their country,” the suit’s statement of claim argued, “they make an extraordinary personal commitment to place the welfare of others ahead of their personal interests, to serve Canada before self and to put themselves at risk, as required, in the interests of the nation. A veteran, whether regular or reserve, active or retired, is someone who, at one point in their life, wrote a blank cheque made payable to ‘the Government of Canada,’ for an mount of ‘up to and including their life.’ This commitment to make the ultimate sacrifice reflects their honour in the service of their country.”

As proof of an existing covenant, the statement of claim cited a 1917 speech by Prime Minister Robert Borden during the First World War: “The government and the country will consider it their first duty,” Borden said, “to see that a proper appreciation of your effort and of your courage is brought to the notice of people at home that no man, whether he goes back or whether he remains in Flanders, will have just cause to reproach the government for having broken faith with the men who won and the men who died.” .......


But here is the thing:

It’s a shame this case had to go to court in the first place. There are things worth keeping in the New Veterans Charter, but appraising the trauma of disabled veterans as you might an insurance claim — in which payouts are prorated according to the severity of a veteran’s wounds, as if losing a leg was akin to fender bender — is not one of them. Veterans are not liabilities on an actuarial table. The government should either have upped the amount of the lump sum payments substantially, as other countries have, or scrapped them altogether in favour of lifetime pensions.

The judgment in the BC Court of Appeal isn’t expected until some time in the new year.
If the government does win its case in court, I’d suggest it will be a Pyrrhic victory.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dismissive: eg. Premier Christy Clark's feeling or showing that something is unworthy of consideration. Question Period

Update: Bottom

Putting things into perspective here, the Opposition have a duty to ask questions of the Government without reservations especially when past deeds are proving harmful to today.

Under Christy Clark's thumb, since winning the BC Liberal Leadership, ergo the Premiership, many 'blunders' have happened on her watch.  The latest is the 2012 firing of health researchers with one death caused by her actions.   Fault having been found the Government sought out acceptable means so that the politicians could get on with their lives even though they admit that they were 'Heavy handed'  in how they went about the firings.  Settling out of Court has worked three times; two still in the negotiating stage; one death.

There are no traces of the smoking gun on their hands, no blood on their hands from the knife, no rope burns on their hands from pulling the line tighter, no forensic evidence of traceable chemical / drugs on their hands, but, the Premier and the Health Minister have been assertive in their approach during Question Periods.  They've accepted 'responsibility' by apologizing for their actions, and that of their staff who they then tailor ordered how to appoint an independent investigator to write a report based on restrictive language on how to investigate .......  themselves.......  no open ended contract......

There's another Court case winding it's way through the British Columbia system, one that started out just before the 2013 election, the Quick Wins Ethnic Scandal.    Even with that substantial wedge, Opposition Leader Adrian Dix failed in his bid to become the next Premier.  Undaunted Dix took the next logical step after his defeat, he turned over new evidence to the RCMP who then conducted an investigation, under the watchful eye of the Assistant Deputy Attorney General M. Joyce DeWitt-Van Oosten, QC which resulted in the need for the appointment of a Special Prosecutor.  Charges against two individuals were made for violations of BC Election Act Section 263 with Counsels, not the Defendants, appeared before the Court on October 14, 2014.   The door on additional charges has been left open by the Special Prosecutor.   All of this has been happening during the time in which the Legislature has been having their Fall 2014 Sitting.

Snip ..... On August 29, 2013, at the request of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Assistant Deputy Attorney General M. Joyce DeWitt-Van Oosten, QC appointed Mr. Butcher as an independent Special Prosecutor to assist with an investigation arising out of matters addressed in the Review of the Draft Multicultural Strategic Outreach Plan, as well as alleged infractions of the Election Act. Snip  - Media Statement

In past instances involving a Special Prosecutor the BC Liberal Government has stood up on their hind legs and claimed protection from answering any questions with: It's before the Courts.

Thankfully that practice hasn't been invoked directly by the Christy Clark government.   What they have been doing though is Nothing.   Absolute SILENCE on the Political front benches of the government during the Fall Session and will go well beyond the Spring (February) of 2015.   The can of worms containing two high ranking BC Liberal Party members with one working within the hallowed halls of the BC Legislature, will not be open for review because of the Legislature's Calendar.  There's the necessary pomp and ceremony required to put on the Opening of the Spring Session, which includes the Throne Speech, The Budget, Estimates, Debates that doesn't permit the Opposition, Independents included, to question the Government on the roles that they played in the Quick Win Scandal.   The earliest that the topic will come before the Legislature again will be after the Summer Break.... the Fall Sitting is where the first opportunity will appear on the calendar.  By then the Court case against the two accused will probably be done, then of course there's the Appeals, and finally just retributions of the guilty parties, if found so.

And it doesn't mean that 2015 will have an equal amount of sittings as 2014

Bob Mackin - The Tyee - September 8, 2014
BC Liberal strategists Brian Ashly Bonney and Mark Robertson are facing charges under the Election Act related to their party’s Multicultural Strategic Outreach Plan scandal, also known as "Quick Wins."

Charges were filed Sept. 8 under section 263 of the Election Act regarding making or accepting a political contribution and incurring election expenses. The offences are alleged to have taken place in Port Moody and Vancouver. Charges were recommended Sept. 5 by David Butcher, the Special Prosecutor who was appointed last summer to investigate. The investigation is expected to continue into early 2015.

Bonney and Robertson are scheduled to appear Oct. 14 in Vancouver Provincial Court.  Snip

The month of November 2014 held forth Twelve Days of Sittings, morning and afternoon, and darned if the Opposition decided to use one of them to audaciously deliver 19 Questions to the Premier of British Columbia: Christy Clark. 
 What is Question Period?

Question Period takes place each day and lasts for 30 minutes.  The purpose of Question Period is to provide MLAs with the opportunity to question the Premier and Members of Cabinet about the plans and activities of government.

Having watched Question Period on a number of occasions, especially during this Fall Sitting, it was amazing to see just how much the BC Liberal Government Ministers avoided answering S-I-M-P-L-E questions.  It turned out to be 22 Minutes of political spoofing solely to embellish their achievements and of other Ministries not regularly hauled up for public dissections.  What was sought for as answers was a simple Yes, or a No to the Question: Yes or No.


The Premier launched into one long winded answer after another, offering high praises for the Government's current activities but not a whiff of odor involving hired hands on the Government dole.  Not a peep.

Questions from the Opposition:
#1 K. Corrigan: My question is to the Premier. Does the Premier stand by the appointments she has made to the provincial cabinet since becoming Premier?

#2 K. Corrigan:  When the Premier appointed Mr. Harry Bloy to her cabinet on March 14, 2011, it was because the Premier knew him pretty well. Is that correct?

#3 K. Corrigan: In March 2011 the Premier gave Mr. Bloy a cabinet minister’s duties and a big cabinet minister’s salary. To the Premier, is she unwilling to stand here today…? She knew Mr. Bloy pretty well when she appointed him?

#4 S. Robinson: The Premier chose to put Mr. Bloy in cabinet. Mr. Bloy had been in Gordon Campbell’s caucus for about ten years, but Mr. Campbell never saw fit to put Mr. Bloy in cabinet. What was it that the Premier saw in Mr. Bloy in March 2011 that made her give him a cabinet minister’s duties and a big minister’s salary?

#5 S. Robinson: This question is to the Premier. Mr. Bloy was the only member of the then Liberal caucus to publicly support her in her 2011 campaign to become Premier. Is that part of the reason why she appointed him to her cabinet?

#6 M. Karagianis: Well, I do have a question for the current Premier. On October 27, 2011, the Premier appointed Mr. Brian Bonney as a director in the government communications and public engagement office, also known as GCPE. This question is to the Premier. When the Premier appointed Mr. Bonney as a director, it was because she knew him quite well. Am I correct?

#7 M. Karagianis: On October 27, 2011, when the Premier appointed Mr. Bonney as a GCPE director, he had previously spent six years as operations director of her B.C. Liberal Party. Now, I don’t know why the Premier doesn’t want to answer questions about Mr. Bonney, but in October 2011 when she appointed him it was in part because the Premier knew Mr. Bonney had been a B.C. Liberal Party director. Am I correct in that?

#8 S. Hammell: In 2009 Mr. Bonney managed Mr. Bloy’s campaign in Burnaby-Lougheed. In 2011 Mr. Bloy was the only MLA to support the Premier’s leadership. The Premier gave Bloy his first-ever cabinet post and made Mr. Bonney a GCPE director. The Premier knew the connection between Mr. Bonney and Mr. Bloy. Is that not correct?

#9 S. Hammell: To the Premier, if the Premier was aware at the time of a close connection between her cabinet appointee, Mr. Bloy, and her GCPE appointment, Mr. Bonney, was a deliberate decision made that Mr. Bonney's job in GCPE was to work on multiculturalism with Mr. Bloy?

#10 M. Mungall: On October 27, 2011, when the Premier appointed Mr. Bonney as a GCPE director, it was in part because she knew that Mr. Bonney had been a public supporter of her leadership campaign and to be Premier. Is that correct?

#11 M. Mungall: Mr. Bonney publicly supported the Premier’s leadership campaign. He bragged to the media that he had sent out 2,000 e-mails urging people to vote for her.

It’s a simple question. I hope the Premier will answer it. Can she stand in this House today and truthfully say that when she appointed Mr. Bonney as GCPE director, she was not aware of his role in her leadership campaign?

#12 L. Krog: On December 1, 2011, in these very precincts the Premier’s longtime friend and deputy chief of staff chaired a meeting on a multiculturalism strategy. The attendees at Ms. Kim Haakstad’s meeting included the Premier’s appointee Mr. Bonney, the Premier’s appointee Pamela Martin, B.C. Liberal caucus staff and B.C. Liberal Party staff. To the Premier, she agrees, does she not, that the December 1, 2011, meeting occurred just as I described it now?

#13 L. Krog: They’re simple questions. I’m sure the Premier could focus enough today on giving a simple answer to a simple question.

On December 1, 2011, the day of this strategy meeting, Ms. Haakstad’s senior colleagues in the Premier’s office included the Premier’s appointee, Deputy Minister Athana Mentzelopoulos. To the Premier, will the Premier confirm this — that Ms. Mentzelopoulos was Ms. Haakstad’s Premier’s office colleague when the December 1, 2011, strategy meeting was held?

#14 D. Eby:   On the topic of the Premier’s senior political appointees, on December 1, 2011, the day that Ms. Haakstad got the government’s quick-win strategy underway, the Premier’s appointee, Mr. Sweeney, was the deputy minister of government communications. Will the Premier confirm that Mr. Sweeney was her appointed head of government communications on December 1, 2011?

#15 D. Eby: A simple question. The Premier made an interesting switch just two weeks after Ms. Haakstad’s quick-win meeting. On December 16, 2011, the Premier moved Mr. Sweeney from government communications to Ms. Mentzelopoulos’ position in the Premier’s office and vice versa.
To the Premier, she swapped Mr. Sweeney and Ms. Mentzelopoulos into each other’s former position, didn’t she? Yes or no.

#16 N. Macdonald: In December 2011 the Premier moved Mr. Sweeney to her office and put Ms. Mentzelopoulos in charge of Mr. Bonney in the GCPE. One might expect that Mr. Sweeney was obliged to brief his replacement, Ms. Mentzelopoulos, on GCPE’s newest file — say, those files originating in the Premier’s office itself.

The question to the Premier, in December 2011, did she instruct or expect that Mr. Sweeney would brief his replacement on the files GCPE was working on with the Premier’s office?

#17 S. Simpson:  We know that in the Premier’s office there was a meeting around an office strategy. It was attended by the GCPE director. Two weeks later the Premier swaps out the GCPE deputy and her Premier’s office deputy. We have to assume that they talked to each other.

We know that the results of that was quick-wins. The Premier asked her deputy, Mr. John Dyble, to review the quick-wins scandal. She said the goal was to be “absolutely sure” and that there was “no sharing of resources between the government and the party” and that “it should never happen.”

To the Premier, does she consider Mr. Dyble’s March 14 report to be thorough and complete on the issue of sharing resources between the government and the party?

#18 N. Macdonald: As head of the GCPE, starting December 16, 2011, Ms. Mentzelopoulos became Mr. Bonney’s GCPE boss. That’s Mr. Bonney, the Premier’s leadership campaign supporter; the Premier’s appointed GCPE director, who had been on the job just eight weeks; the GCPE director who had just attended Ms.Haakstad’s initial quick-wins meeting.

Can the Premier confirm that when she appointed Ms. Mentzelopoulos as the deputy of GPCE, she made her responsible for, among other people, Mr. Bonney?

#19 M. Farnworth: What we’ve witnessed from the Premier is a refusal to answer basic questions on an issue that has been of importance to British Columbians and an issue that has seen two people close to her, appointments that she’s responsible for as head of the executive council, going to appear in court.


M. Farnworth: The member says I’m out of order. Well, I’ll tell you what’s out of order: a Premier that doesn’t want to answer the most basic questions put to her in this House.

We’ve been talking about Mr. Bonney, Mr. Bloy, Ms. Haakstad, Mr. Sweeney, Ms. Mentzelopoulos. They’re the Premier’s people. They weren’t inherited. No one forced them upon this government. Two of those operatives and the company they own are facing charges for Election Act violations.

According to the special prosecutor, there may be more to come.

But the question I’m putting to the Premier that I’d like an answer for is Mr. Dyble. Mr. Dyble had before him quick-wins-related e-mails from Mr. Bonney’s Mainland Communication account and quick-wins-related e-mails in the B.C. Liberal Party director Mark Robertson’s Mainland Communication account, but Mr. Dyble did not make any mention of Mainland in his report, even though it was involving quick wins and is co-owned by the Premier’s GCPE appointee and by a director of the Premier’s Liberal Party.

So perhaps the Premier can answer this. Does the Premier have any explanation for why Mr. Dyble failed to report to the public about a company run by her appointee, Mr. Bonney, and by her party’s Mr. Robertson?

At the conclusion of having listened and responded to all 19 Questions individually:
Hon. C. Clark: Well, I have to say I’m disappointed. After all of that run-up, a half-hour of question period, asking the same question again and again, they finally get to the punchline, and it just wasn’t that good.

                     feeling or showing that something is unworthy of consideration.

Hon. C. Clark's non-answers, if you're interested, Hansard

The Stench
A bit of backgrounder to Bloy, Bonney, Robertson

Multiculturalism, Minister of State for Harry Bloy (hired) 2011-09-26 to 2012-03-16 (fired)
 and then this started happening behind the scenes later in 2012

,_\J ' - Cbc


CBC Report  Burnaby Hospital Emails

Harry Bloy, MLA
Brian Bonney Government OIC Appointee
Brian Bonney Mainland Communications
Mark Robertson BC Liberal employee
Mark Robertston Mainland Communications

K. Corrigan: Well, I have read the report, and I'll do one little quote here from it. "IT security records show that Brian Bonney forwarded over 1,100 e-mails from his government account to one of three personal e-mail accounts during the time he was employed in the public service." Then, a sentence later: "…given the volume of personal e-mails involved, it is evident government resources were misused."

Hansard: March 14, 2013 Afternoon Sitting


Backgrounder – Chronology of events - New Democrat ...  


Clark staffers conduct public business without public scrutiny
Vaughn Palmer column Saturday, March 02, 2013   

Brian Bonney, then communications director for multiculturalism, received Haakstad's personal email missive at his own firm's address,

UPDATE: December 5, 2014:   Someone Needs to remind ......

A Vancouver Sun Letter to the Editor written by Pamela Gardner today, chastises Vancouver and Mayor Gregor Robertson on Mining benefits without mentioning Kinder Morgan's TransMountain Pipeline drilling, and cutting down, protected by a ByLaw, trees in HER community on Burnaby Mountain.
Mining is important to Vancouver
Someone needs to remind (Page 2) Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson about British Columbia’s mineral wealth. It was the gold rush that sparked Vancouver and helped build this province. He needs to be reminded about the positive impact of the mining sector on the economy, especially its contribution to the economy of Metro Vancouver.  ............  SNIP   - Vancouver Sun

Controversial figure: Pamela Gardner, right, seen here in a file photo with Burnaby-Lougheed MLA Harry Bloy, is at the center of a controversy about Liberal manipulation of a community consultation committee regarding the future of Burnaby Hospital. - BurnabyNow - Photograph By Contributed

What is of greater concern is that in the document from Dr. J. on Quick Wins, Gardner plays an integral part in going In-Camera (using private channel emailings AND Meetings) to keep the activities of the BC Liberals using their manpower resources to circumvent having an Open and Frank discussion with the Public input on the financial health of Burnaby General Hospital just so they could defeat the incumbents in the next provincial election.


Getting back to the Questions involving Mr. Bonney and Premier Christy Clark:

According to the United States Office of Government Ethics, a political appointee is “any employee who is appointed by the President, the Vice President, or agency head”.

In the United States, political appointees are subject to heavy ethical restrictions, more so than their elected counterparts. One of these restrictions requires political appointees to take an ethics pledge, in which they pledge not to accept gifts from lobbyists. This is because of Executive Order 13490.

Under Section 102 of Executive Order 12674, political appointees who are appointed by the president are not allowed to receive any income from outside employment or activities. - Wikipedia

In the case of Mr. Bonney, he WAS working for the BC Liberal Party 50% of the time (according to DM Dyble) and being paid 100% by the BC Government.  Premier Clark as Leader of the BC Liberal Party reimbursed her Government Treasury 50% in exchange for .... leniency, or a Quick Win at the Polls.  Ans: Both

Update Question: Is a British Columbia OIC appointee permitted to accept salaries from Two different sources?  BC Liberal Party 50% of his time and 50% working for the BC Government?
Ans: No   Only time worked is paid (??????)

Update Question:  Is a British Columbia OIC appointee permitted to accept employment, salaries from THREE different sources?  BC Liberal Party 30% of his time and 50% working for the BC Government and  20% for Mainland Communications?