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Minister/Governor Amrik Virk's guidelines on cheating, 'fabricating or falsifying results' is for others. eg. Students/Apprentices

Amrik Virk
..... I think it's (responsibility is) a dual role that government has to be involved in as well. My expectation is you have to prioritize appropriately. If the public is funding positions for jobs that don't exist, that's not a proper use of public resources. - Jonathan Fowlie; Vancouver Sun

Putting into practice what one Preaches to pupils, public servants and politicians, ... if the public funding is insufficient then find another route to top salaries up higher than permitted by Government Guidelines, eh.

Kwantlen Polytechnic Univesity:   Understanding Academic Honesty

 plagiarism at KPU

 cheating at KPU

At KPU, the same high standards of academic integrity that are central to all research and scholarship are expected from students in their coursework. Any form of cheating is a serious offense that comes with disciplinary consequences. KPU's Policy C.8, entitled Plagiarism and Cheating, offers the following definition of cheating and plagiarism:

"Cheating, which includes plagiarism, occurs where a student or group of students uses or attempts to use, unauthorized aids, assistance, materials or methods."

Some examples of cheating are:
  • using crib sheets
  • copying a classmate's answers in an exam
  • using calculators, dictionaries or other electronic devices in an exam, unless expressly permitted
  • impersonating another person in an exam
  • having someone else do part of your work
  • working with others on assignments if told you are to work individually
  • fabricating or falsifying results (for example, in a lab experiment)


In a "$1 per 30 Litres or More" (Month of November only (2014)) donation, Chevron approved a project (BC Ferries Travel Expenses NOT included) that allows school children to find out about .......

What is Question Period?

Question Period takes place each day and lasts for 30 minutes.  The purpose of Question Period is to provide MLAs with the opportunity to question the Premier and Members of Cabinet about the plans and activities of government.

Question Period is often lively, with MLAs intervening on each other's speeches to support or challenge what is being said. It is a dynamic style of discussion, in which MLAs generally respond to the points made by other Members rather than speaking from prepared notes.

While the rules may be different from those in your classroom, rules do apply during Question Period. For example, MLAs have a right to be heard without overwhelming background noise and unparliamentary language is not permitted. It is the Speaker’s responsibility to oversee the proceedings and to enforce the rules found in the Standing Orders of the Legislative Assembly.

Oral Questions.
47A. There shall be a 30 minute Oral Question Period at the opening of each afternoon sitting on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, which shall be subject to the following rules:
(a) only questions that are urgent and important shall be permitted;
(b) questions and answers shall be brief and precise, and stated without argument or opinion;
(c) supplementary questions may be permitted at the discretion of the Speaker. There shall be no supplementary question to a question taken on notice;
(d) debate shall not be permitted;
(e) points of order arising during Oral Question Period may, at the discretion of the Speaker, be deferred until Question Period has been completed;
(f) Oral Question Period shall not take place on the day of the Speech from the Throne.

Part II

MLA Minister Coralee Oakes  "fabricating or falsifying results" for Jumbo Glacier Ski Resort (privately owned)(only municipality that didn't vote for Mayor or Two Councillors)

Note to Minister Coralee Oakes:  Thanking the Member for the Question does NOT explain why Jumbo Glacier RESORT MASTER PLAN municipality was refused to allow a repayment to the Treasury of  $180,000 funding ($200,000) that wasn't needed, ...... but the BC Liberals continue to claw back from Single Mothers and Children, monies received from spouses.  That $180,000 would have helped Single Mothers and their children.
...... M. Mungall: Yes, back on topic. Jumbo was given $200,000 by this government, and they didn't even need it all. They tried to give it back. We have it in writing. They sent an e-mail, saying: "Please, take this $180,000 back." And this government said: "No, keep the money for your fake town." That's what they said. There's nothing even in this fake town. There's no need for an official community plan, because there's only a concrete slab in an avalanche path. This government has said no money for Invermere Community Hall, no money for the Nelson and District Art Council, and, worst of all, no money for survivors of the Johnsons Landing mudslide, but money for this fake town that has no people, no elections, no nothing. When is this government going to end the Jumbo farce?

Hon. C. Oakes: To the member opposite, thank you very much for your question. But, hon. Speaker, I would remind the member opposite, and maybe canvass some of the history of what has happened in the past…. I have letters back from 1993 with former Premier Mike Harcourt. Oh, and then 1995 — we have former Premier Glen Clark, who supports the notion of building economic development in communities. We believe in tourism. We believe in resource development. We believe in supporting economic development in the province of British Columbia. [End of question period.]

Time Running out for Jumbo Glacier Ski Resort construction as Deadline Approaches   


Foundation for Day Lodge Adjacent to 'Avalanche Meadow'

......... Larson, armed with pages of photos and documentation, also has serious concerns with the location of the day lodge.

As a professional mountain climbing guide since 1970, I stood there and had a thought that went like this — in the winter, when avalanche conditions are ripe, I would find the risk too high to set up my tent here for even one single night. Yet they are going to erect a permanent building here,” he said.

Who the heck signed the paper saying this was a safe place to build?”

Larson pointed out in his submission that the site of the day lodge has changed from the original plans and the lodge doors at the new site would open on to “the aptly named Avalanche Meadow.” It is an area where, in 2009, a massive avalanche tore down a ski run.

The resort’s Master Plan calls for avalanche control measures, such as helicopter bombing potential avalanche sites, but critics such as renowned Canadian mountaineer and photographer Pat Morrow, who lives in the East Kootenays, does not believe the area can be made safe.

As you get further and further into the proposed townsite, you are getting further and further into avalanche territory,” he said.

No other resorts have base areas that are threatened as much as this.”

NDP Leader John Horgan Says Day Lodge in Class 4 Avalanche Zone

Growing concerns about building a day lodge adjacent to an avalanche path — even though proponent Oberto Oberti has said the buildings will be just outside the high-risk area — were taken up this week in Question Period by NDP leader John Horgan.

Jumbo Glacier Resort specifically committed to building residential and commercial structures outside avalanche zones, Horgan said.

Yet the Jumbo Glacier Resort has put the only foundation that they’ve been able to pour to this point in time, their day lodge, right in a Class 4 avalanche zone,” he said. ......................

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Advance Education Minister Amrik Virk admits to a case of memory 'refreshed' by Whistle Blower's evidence

Vaughn Palmer's column this morning has focused on the BC NDP's presentation, during Monday's Question Period, of Whistle blower email evidence which points to a different role that Advance Education Minister Amrik Virk played in bypassing the BC Liberal government guidelines on payments for executive compensation while he was a volunteer Board member at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.



Would a Judge, defense counsel, Crown prosecutor too, accept at face value, during a criminal trial, an error, a lapse in memory of an RCMP Officer for his not presenting, all of his notes and correspondence, including multiple email accounts, to the Court?   Would that Judge accept the theory that the RCMP officer was entitled to fudge his answers but then allow the witness to recant his testimony once his memory banks were 'refreshed' with his damning handwritten notes and emails?  Perjury?

Will the Speaker of the BC Legislature, who accepted at face value the 'testimony' (Hansard Video) of Advance Education Minister Amrik Virk on Monday, now be required to haul MLA Virk up and onto the Red Carpet to explain his statements today, Tuesday, or will she just pass, and leave it up to the assistant deputy minister Rob Mingay for further investigation?

The real question to be asked here though is not of the actions of ONE RCMP officer, but the WHOLE of the RCMP force in a cover-up.


Why was RCMP Officer Amrik Virk using his RCMP email account to convey his advice to his fellow Board members at KPU on an activity designed to circumvent Finance Minister guidelines which would not be open to public investigation, if found out ...... LOL  and ....... will the RCMP now be investigating the improper use of their resources (email)  to ensure that there was no possibility of 'negotiating' his future endeavours in politics?

The Real Why?

The RCMP have had full access to those damning emails, and more, and yet they remained silent!

Why? or is it upon who's orders?

PS:  Was the primary use of the RCMP email account another one of those favoured-by-the-BC-Liberals private channels to circumvent FOIs?

Bob Mackin - The Tyee

PPS:  Do you think that the RCMP were aware that Brian Bonney via his email of August 30, 2012 was handing out the Premier's 'one week ahead' itinerary (places to be) without it being vetted by security forces, including the Legislature's Sargent-at-Arms?

PPPS:  The emails from Virk's RCMP account, to whom were they sent, and why wasn't the owners of  those email accounts not presented copies to Mingay?  Just another instance of private channels of communications?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Too fine of a point? Has Premier Christy Clark and Minister Mike De Jong lied to the Honourable Speaker, and the House?

If you've missed the importance of why the BC Liberal Health Minister, and his colleagues have set December 19, 2014 as the day of reckoning via an Independent investigating person's Report on the firing of eight Public Servants, it's not on a whim ..... it's Garbage Day Friday!

The BC Legislature Sittings are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FRIDAY

Nothing is happening until the Spring Sitting, if there is one.  It all depends on the Fallout.

December the 19th, 2014 .... the BC Legislature will not be Sitting for the whole Month!

 However, Premier Christy Clark said:
We should wait and see once, in due course, this report is finished. It will be released on December 19, and at that point we'll have more substance that we can discuss in this Legislature and outside it.

Has the Premier put her cart before the House?  Will the Premier be talking about the Report OUTSIDE, before the promised INSIDE the British Columbia Precinct's Legislature?

Will the Premier be on Vacation during the week of the Report's Final version?

Will the Premier's right hand man/woman be privy to the Report's Draft?

The Fine Print:  The Last three months of Parliamentary Calendar cooked books:

October is Done
November is 3/4 Done
December is Toast

Premier Christy Clark   November 20, 2014

Will we find you in your seats as Government House Leader has promised?

Mike De Jong - nothing to hide behind except Sittings and December 19, 2014

Rich Coleman  - nothing to hide behind except  December 19, 2014
..... we have nothing to hide.  There is nothing to hide when you're honest, when you have integrity and when you provide good management to the taxpayers of this province.
... and children are NOT taxpayers so the BC Liberals Took the Knife Too Far

Or more to the point, will Premier Christy Clark KEEP her promise, and secrets, and only release it to OUTSIDERS once it has been discussed by the Legislature in the Spring Session?



New Democrats allege newly-released correspondence shows premier's deputy minister involved in decision

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Michael Smyth: "Yes, that’s as crazy as it sounds." 33 gardeners for 230 Parks (Vancouver,BC)

33 or 34 Commication officers
Did Smyth get the quote right from the Parks Board Commissioner? 

The facts Ma'm just the facts 
.... the bit about 33 or 34 communications officers, Coupar or Smyth?

John Coupar  (Georgia) Straight  23 communications Staff

Hmmmm, now where did Smyth dig up the other 10 bodies to make it 33 or 34?  Sounded better?


..... 23 employees, just a handful fewer than the entire city gardening staff. - Coupar
23 + 5 = 28 communication officers NOT 33 or 34 (Smyth)

"handful" =  five digits   DANG, that reminds me 

There was this Pension Plan Actuary (1978), the Late Byron Straight, who said that 'anyone who ends a number in a Zero or a Five, is guessing. He doesn't know what he's talking about, he's pulling numbers out of thin air.  No facts, All Fiction.'


Try it some time when you're reading a document (politicians and Kinder Morgan's documents) where they ream off numbers, and if you see plenty of Zeros or Fives being used, then it makes the whole proceedings SUSPECT.

Oh, almost forgot to mention:  Vancouver Parks Board is HIRING: Communications Director

Salary Information
Annual salary of $75,423 to $98,361

.... The successful candidate will be self-aware, have good judgment and 'street smarts' and great listening skills; a keen critical thinker with a diplomatic but assertive manner; capable of establishing relationships with and advising senior level executives; a master multi-tasker who is able to set priorities, manage and execute multiple demands and projects at the same time in a very busy environment; an excellent communicator, with above average verbal and written communication skills; a seasoned media relations expert with solid experience in issues management and the ability to identify emerging issues; experienced in developing and executing robust strategic communications plans; able to take a step back and maintain a strategic outlook; able to demonstrate resourceful thinking, and the ability to make decisions and organize thoughts under time and budget constraints; knowledgeable about local government operations and processes; a strong and valued individual contributor, as well as an integral collaborative member, of the Communications and Engagement Team. Working knowledge of written and spoken Mandarin or Cantonese would be an asset. .......
No mention of how many are on the Engagement Team, or if the Team is part and parcel with those other 23 Communications Officers, eh....

Then there is the other little detail:   Vancouver Parks  230

33 gardeners caring for 230 parks

How Many Parks
1     Aberdeen Park
2     Adanac Park
3     Alexandra Park
4     Alice Townley Park
5     Almond Park
6     Andy Livingstone Park
7     Angus Park
8     Arbutus Greenway Park
9     Arbutus Park
10    Arbutus Village Park
11    Art Phillips (Discovery) Park
12    Ash Park
13    Balaclava Park
14    Barclay Heritage Square
15    Bates Park
16    Beaconsfield Park
17    Blenheim park site
18    Bobolink Park
19    Braemar Park
20    Brewers Park
21    Burrard View Park
22    Callister Park
23    Cambie Park
24    Cambridge Park
25    Camosun Park
26    Captain Cook Park
27    Cardero Park
28    Cariboo Park
29    Carleton Park
30    Carnarvon Park
31    Carolina Park
32    Cartier Park
33    Cathedral Square
34    Cedar Cottage Park
35    Chaldecott Park
36    Champlain Heights Park
37    Charles Park
38    Charleson Park
39    China Creek North Park
40    China Creek South Park
41    Choklit Park
42    Clark Park
43    Clinton Park
44    Coal Harbour Park
45    Collingwood Park
46    Columbia Park
47    Connaught Park
48    Coopers' Park
49    Crab Park at Portside
50    Creekside Park
51    Creekway Park
52    David Lam Park
53    Deering Island Park
54    Delamont Park
55    Devonian Harbour Park
56    Devonshire Park
57    Douglas Park
58    Dusty Greenwell Park
59    Earles Park
60    Ebisu Park
61    Eburne Park
62    Elm Park
63    Emery Barnes Park
64    English Bay Beach Park
65    Everett Crowley Park
66    Falaise Park
67    Foster Park
68    Fraser River Park
69    Fraserview Golf Course
70    Fraserview Park
71    Garden Park
72    Gaston Park
73    General Brock Park
74    George Park
75    George Wainborn Park
76    Gladstone-Riverside Park
77    Glen Park
78    Gordon Park
79    Grandview Park
80    Granville Island Water Park
81    Granville Loop Park
82    Granville Park
83    Grays Park
84    Grimmett Park
85    Guelph Park
86    Hadden Park
87    Hadden/Vanier Park
88    Harbour Green Park
89    Hastings Community Park
90    Hastings Mill Park
91    Hastings Park
92    Heather Park
93    Helmcken Park
94    Hillcrest Park
95    Humm Park
96    Jean Beaty Park
97    Jericho Beach Park
98    John Hendry (Trout Lake) Park
99    Jonathan Rogers Park
100    Jones Park
101    Kaslo Park
102    Kensington Park
103    Kerrisdale Centennial Park
104    Kerrisdale Park
105    Killarney Park
106    Kingcrest Park
107    Kinross Ravine Park
108    Kitsilano Beach Park
109    Langara Golf Course
110    Langara Park
111    Laurel Landbridge Park
112    Locarno Park
113    Macdonald Park
114    Maclean Park
115    Major Matthews Park
116    Malkin Park
117    Maple Grove Park
118    Margaret Pigott Park
119    Marina Square
120    Marpole Park
121    May & Lorne Brown Park
122    McBride Park
123    McCleery Golf Course
124    McCleery Park
125    McGill Park
126    McSpadden Park
127    Melbourne Park
128    Memorial South Park
129    Memorial West Park
130    Moberly Park
131    Montgomery Park
132    Morton Park
133    Mosaic Creek Park
134    Mount Pleasant Park
135    Musqueam Park
136    Nanaimo Park
137    Nat Bailey Stadium
138    Nelson Park
139    New Brighton Park
140    Norquay Park
141    Oak Meadows Park
142    Oak Park
143    Oppenheimer Park
144    Oxford Park
145    Pacific Spirit Park
146    Pandora Park
147    Pioneer Place (Pigeon Park)
148    Point Grey park site (Stephens)
149    Point Grey park site (Trafalgar)
150    Point Grey park site (Trutch Street)
151    Portal Park
152    Price Park
153    Prince Edward Park
154    Prince Of Wales Park
155    Puget Drive park site
156    Quadra West Park
157    Queen Elizabeth Park
158    Quesnel Drive park site
159    Quilchena Park
160    Ravine Park
161    Renfrew Community Park
162    Renfrew Ravine Park
163    Riley Park
164    Riverfront Park
165    Riverview Park
166    Robson Park
167    Rosemary Brown Park
168    Rosemont Park
169    Ross Park
170    Roundhouse Turntable Park
171    Rupert Park
172    Sahalli Park
173    Salsbury Park
174    Seaforth Peace Park
175    Shannon Park
176    Shaughnessy Park
177    Shaughnessy Street park site
178    Slocan Park
179    Southeast False Creek park site
180    Spanish Banks Beach Park
181    Sparwood Park
182    Stanley Park
183    Strathcona Linear Park
184    Strathcona Park
185    Sun Yat-Sen Gardens
186    Sunnyside Park
187    Sunrise Park
188    Sunset Beach Park
189    Sunset Park
190    Sutcliffe Park
191    Tatlow Park
192    Tea Swamp Park
193    Tecumseh Park
194    Templeton Park
195    Thornton Park
196    Thunderbird Park
197    Tisdall Park
198    Trafalgar Park
199    Trafalgar Street park site
200    Trinity Street park site
201    Valdez Park
202    VanDusen Botanical Gardens
203    Vanier Park
204    Victoria Park
205    Victory Square
206    Volunteer Park
207    W.C. Shelley Park
208    Wendy Poole Park
209    West Point Grey Park
210    Westmount Park
211    William Mackie Park
212    Willow Park
213    Winona Park
214    Woodland Park
215    Yaletown Park

Starting from Zero, and Ending with a Five, coincident, but still there aren't 230! Right

Then again there's this:

It has exclusive possession, jurisdiction, and control over more than 230 public parks in Vancouver and a large public recreation system of community centres, pools, rinks, fitness centres, golf courses, street trees, marinas, playing fields, and more.  Vancouver Board of Parks

For Mr. Perfect:

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Vancouver Sun News Alert: Lisa Helps elected mayor of Vancouver; Gregor Robertson re-elected too

The Vancouver Sun: News alert has declared that Lisa Helps has won Vancouver's top job: Mayor for four years

The Vancouver Sun: News alert has declared that Lisa Helps has won Victoria's top job: Mayor for four years

The Vancouver Sun: News alert has declared Gregor Robertson has won Vancouver's top job: Mayor for four years

It's fitting to see the mix up by those who were favouring a fellow journalist, LaPointe, for mayor of  Vancouver....and lost to a candidate who wasn't even on the ballot,  eh


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Stephen Brown: PR damage control after Simushir's left USA docks for Haida Gwaii's rocks

Not a peep, not a whimper from The Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia during the Simushir loss of propulsion, and then once the vessel is towed and repaired at Prince Rupert, she leaves Canadian waters.   The Vancouver Sun allows an opinion column that should have been labeled in bold letters: "Advertorial - Do Not Pay Attention"

Stephen Brown

Opinion: More inconvenient tanker truths           Shipping: Marine rescue response to disabled Russian freighter worked as it should have   By Stephen Brown, Special to The Vancouver Sun November 2, 2014

We checked out those who he represents, their website:
Sailing distances to British Columbia's ports can be up to 68 hours shorter than calls to US west coast ports.  Efficient rail service connect customers to major urban centres in Canada and US mid-west.

The Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia represents vessel owners, operators and shipping agencies engaged in international trade through Canada's Pacific gateway.  The association fosters the development of collaborative solutions and promotes the development of effective and responsive legislation that continues to support a robust and sound shipping industry.

Efficient rail service eh?  Every RED dot is a 'pinch point', a 'bottle neck' for the BNSF railway company.  One red dot is the Surrey Thornton Yard, not to be confused with the Thornton Tunnel which links Vancouver/Burnaby to the North Shore of Burrard Inlet, at the Second Narrows.

Page 605 of 964

Keywords to look for are Pinch Points, Bottlenecks


Thornton Tunnel is the Next Post, and it will be labeled Fair Incendiary Comment.

Someone should create a blog called that, simply because Transportation Canada doesn't have a Tip Line......

Pssssst!  Warning.  Attention Danger

CN Radio Possessors: Hikers, Strollers (baby buggy type with Grandparents), cyclists, Dog Walkers

298-3348???? is that a Direct Line like Bell or Telus or is there a 517,   604   778  missing

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Basi Virk $6,000,000 Exemption Rule Book

In the Settlement of the Plea bargain by Basi and Virk, was the Treasury Board asked to turn a blind eye to the $500,000 limitation?
Note I:  the Limit during the Basi Virk settlement was $250,000

Note II:  The required bump up, effective October 2 2014 to half a million dollars, is it due to a before-the-court case regarding  eg.  Health Ministry firings?

eg.  Information and Privacy Commissioner Decision

June 24, 2014   Public Accounts:
The following witnesses appeared before the Committee and answered questions relating to the Office of the Auditor General’s Report An Audit of Special Indemnities (December 2013).
Office of the Auditor General
• Russ Jones, Acting Auditor General
• Sheila Dodds, Assistant Auditor General
• Amanda Welch, Manager, Legal Services

Ministry of Justice
• Richard J.M. Fyfe, Q.C., Deputy Attorney General

BC Public Service Agency
• Lynda Tarras, Deputy Minister

Ministry of Finance
• Linda Irvine, Executive Director, Risk Management Branch

K. Corrigan: I wanted to ask a couple of questions specifically about appendix B: "Administration of the special indemnities for Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk." It says: "Based on our interviews and file reviews, we found no evidence of political involvement in the decision to amend the indemnities to release Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk from the obligation to repay the indemnity costs if they were found guilty." [0955] It also says the following sentence. This is on page 46: "Our review also found evidence of public servants diligently keeping the decision to amend the indemnities separate and distinct from the plea negotiations with the special prosecutor that concluded the trial." I have a couple of questions on that. The first one is…. It's very clear earlier on page 44 — and I just want to publicly get it on the record — that if the agreement had not been reached that they would not have to pay back, that they didn't get a special indemnity, then the guilty plea would not have happened. Is that correct?

R. Fyfe: I am actually not in a position to answer that question. I understand that the requirement to repay was viewed as an obstacle to discussions with the special prosecutor, but they were conducted separately.

K. Corrigan: Perhaps I can ask the Auditor General, because this report makes it clear that there was an obstacle and that there wouldn't even be discussion of a plea negotiation if this matter, the issue of having to repay legal costs, was not dealt with. I'm just wondering how the Auditor General's office came to that conclusion then, because it's included in the report.

 A. Welch: We did meet with Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk and counsel for the purpose of clearing the report, which is a solicitor-client privilege. We did confirm, both in the evidence that we had during the audit and with counsel, that this was the case.

 K. Corrigan: So that was in a direct conversation with Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk, that if they had not received that information, if they had not received that assurance, they would not have pled guilty.

A. Welch: Well, as we make clear in the report, the counsel negotiated the amendment to the special indemnities before the plea deal was even presented to their clients.

K. Corrigan: Before it was presented.

A. Welch: That's right.


BC Rail Related Comments
  by Lew: 

 The Six Million Dollar Deal...The Order Matters

Keep it Real     Harvey Oberfeld 

Full BC Rail Story NOT Yet Told

January 9th, 2014 · 34 Comments


  Alex G. Tsakumis

Lew says, alex g. tsakumis, bc rail


Norman Farrell 

Lew says, Northern Insight / Perceptivity, BC Rail


Laila Yuile

Lew says, No Strings Attached, BC Rail


Ian Ried

The Real Story 

Van Dogen's BC Rail Questions


Norman Farrell


CORRECTION:Chevron - Fuel Your School is a rip off. One DOLLAR donation per min 30 Litres or more (not pro-rated)

Is Vancouver's Non-Partisan Association (NPA) so desperate to win this election that LaPointe has called in a favour from his former employer, PostMedia, to write an editorial on the eve of voting?

Desperation?  They might just as well say that there's going to be a Head Tax, a Death Tax .....
Chevron funded program would benefit Vancouver schools - Vancouver Sun ....... Under the program designed for Vancouver, Chevron would donate $1 for every 30 litres of gas bought at local stations, up to $475,000, to My Class Needs, which is responsible for disbursing the money for projects the charity deems eligible without Chevron’s involvement in the selection.

CORRECT To:   "$1 donation per min 30 Litres or more ....."    

INCORRECT version:     "$1 for every 30 litres of gas ....."


Hyundai Touring Elantra   48 litres    $1
Mitsubishi Lancer              60 litres   $1,  not $2 by Vancouver Sun's reckoning

  2014 Fuel Consumption Guide 
If only Chevron Gas is purchased ........

Motor Vehicle; 
Cost Per Year; Fuel (litres) per year;  Max/ Min / once a month                   

Rolls-Royce  Ghost         $4033     2840 Litres      $94 / $47 /  $12
Porsche Panamera GTS   $3152     2220 Litres      $74 / $37 /  $12
Lexus  LS 460 AWD       $3238     2280 Litres      $76 / $38 /  $12
GMC Sierra                     $2740     2080 Litres      $69 / $34 /  $12
BMW X6 M                    $4033     2840 Litres      $94 / $47 /  $12

There's no way that the public may respond via a Letter to the Editor pleading for a retraction of the Error for it will come well after the election of School Trustees.

The ideologically-driven decision to reject Chevron’s Fuel Your School program denies Vancouver students resources they could have had to improve their learning experience. We hope a newly-elected school board will quickly reverse it.  - Vancouver Sun  - Editor-in-Chief Harold Munro, issues & ideas editor Harvey Enchin, columnists and editorial writers Stephen Hume and Barbara Yaffe

North Vancouver is a participant in Chevron's Fuel Your School


28 cash STRAPPED schools stretching across North America:

Five Schools in British Columbia endorsed by Christy Crunch's Finance Minister de Jong

Let's see:

In North Vancouver (City/District) there are NINE Chevron Gas Stations.  How much gas is pumped from those nine from November 1st to the 30th that will generate enough funding that will make a difference to the education of our children?   Does Chevron state on their Customers printed gas receipts the ONE DOLLAR generosity?

Pink Sheet Fine Print Conditions:  Motorist must buy 30 OR more litres at a PARTICIPATING Chevron station and Chevron will donate ONE DOLLAR up to $565,000.   There is no list of Chevron gas stations who are participating. 

One Dollar

Then of course there's the Administration Fees on that ONE Dollar.  Is the money in a Trust account with all interest earned being rolled in, not out?

Teachers requesting funding for projects MUST be FULL TIME Employees

Eligible NOT Eligible

Eligibility Guidelines

School Eligibility Guidelines

Schools must be K-12 schools located in the participating School Districts of Burnaby (SD 41), Coquitlam (SD 43), North Vancouver (SD 44), West Vancouver (SD45) and Surrey (SD 36) and must receive majority of their operational funding from public sources to be eligible to participate.

This includes Long Term Provincial Resource Programs (PRP) and Alternate Programs, but does not include Independent Schools.

Which means, of course, that gas purchases that generates the $1 donation in one School District/Municipality may be used in another area.......

Since its launch in 2013, My Class Needs has helped over 200 classrooms across Canada fund their unique projects.

Chevron, an American corporate based company, should communicate with their subsidiary Chevron Canada who would have pointed out that the Five Named participant school districts are based solely in the province of British Columbia.  Metro Vancouver to be precise.

Across Canada?
Chevron Press Releases

Chevron Publications


Chevron 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report
Download PDF (1.3 MB)

Kitimat Project Overview cover
Kitimat Project Overview
Download PDF (1.0 MB)

Kitimat Industrial Site Project cover
Kitimat Industrial Site Project
Download PDF (1.0 MB)

Pacific Trail Pipeline EAO Amendments cover
Pacific Trail Pipeline EAO Amendments
Download PDF (0.4 MB)

Producing Natural Gas Safely cover

"Producing Natural Gas safely"
    the file is actually titled HYDRAULIC-FRACTURING FACTSHEET

And, Chevron has bailed out on Apache Partnership Kitimat Project, eh 

 Producing Natural Gas Safely
Download PDF (0.6 MB)

Pacific Trail Pipeline Infographic
Pacific Trail Pipeline Infographic
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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Closure of BC Ferries Horseshoe Bay terminal to Vancouver Island Justifies building the New Bridge to Tsawwassen & Tilbury LNG upgrade

The BC Liberals have got to be the dumbest politicians going.  Why cut the direct link between the West Coast of Vancouver Island's Long Beach with that of Whistler, and beyond.

Why dump all of the traffic from the North Shore onto the Oak Street Bridge when it's yearly (2001) volume of motor vehicles sits at 24,000,000 crossings?

Why has the BC Liberals spent so much money upgrading the Horseshoe Bay terminal over the last twelve years to then turn around and eliminate the ferries to Vancouver Island, including the toilet paper?

Why wasn't this topic up for discussions during the 2013 Provincial Election?

Another HST debacle?  Take or leave it?  SHOVE it, we're the government!  We have the majority!

Ten years to the opening of the new four billion dollar Bridge to Tsawwassen.

Two years for the new $3.5 Billion for the Oak Street Bridge, and $1.5 Billion for Queensbury II

Oak Street Bridge Crossings:    2,303,439 per month
                                                27,641,268 per year



Coincidentally, while researching for this Post and a Future Post, we came across the same Tilbury File that BIV used.

BC Hydro   Proposed Sasamat Natural Gas Storage Plant  Project Report December 1981

Our curiosity, hackles, was raised when one considers that the 'pre-1981 technology' that was used to build Tilbury is sufficient, satisfactory, for today's 2014 standards on Earthquakes.  What's the tremor rating of the facility?  What about the theory of the shaking sandbox turning into liquid?  PLOP!

Is the NEW bridge being built FOR Tilbury, at the Public's expense?

There is a SECOND Sasamat report:  Buffer Zone = POOR

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gordon Shrum's disciples: Coleman and Bond sipping LNG laced drinks in the BC Legislature Precinct

 July 16, 1970
BC Hydro boss .........Gordon Shrum says pesticides safe and drinks glass of diluted 2,4,5-T on TV. “ Our chemists told me the only problem I had was getting the taste out of my mouth. It was like dirty crankcase oil, but I found that vodka was good for rinsing out my mouth. In any case the exercise was good publicity for combating SPEC - that’s the Society for Promoting Environmental Crap- propaganda.  -  Blog Borg Collective Post  May 24, 2012

There ought to be a law that says neither bombs, nor bombers, nor grandstanding politicians be allowed to take an explosive material into the BC Legislative Precinct.   The RCMP did allow two bombers with their pressure cookers intact (but disarmed??) onto the grounds on July 1, 2013.

Then there was the Budget speech by Finance Minister Kevin Falcon where a brethren BC Liberal invited Jaspal Atwal, a convicted terrorist, into the Precinct.   The 'guest' was removed once his status within the community was brought to the attention of the Sargent at Arms.

If you happen to have missed Rich Coleman and Shirley Bond mixing Natural Gas with a source of ignition inside the Legislature .....

The Victoria's 'Sick Culture' 'science lab-legislature' video shows one small vial, nowhere near the potential of this 'baby':

The BC Liberal Photo Op experiment is nowhere near reality.  The leaking contents of one pipeline between two compressor stations (Alberta/BC) or one rail car tanker in amongst 71 other tankers in one train, nor one LNG tanker on the high seas or in Douglas Channel or docked at Kitimat nor the Encana field leak (Rich Coleman Farts).

 22 November 2009 Failure of Piping at EnCana Swan Wellsite A5-7-77-14 L W6M
...... Resident (3) returns to area via Klemmer Road and observes gas cloud and detects strong odours. Advises inhabitants at nearby residence to evacuate.  Resident (3) drives through the gas cloud and heads East on Merrick Road and sees the gas coming off the wellsite and parks his pick-up about 300 metres cross wind on Merrick Road.....

What the BC Liberals (& scientists) leave out in their promotions of the safe handling of LNG and LPG and Natural Gas is that large volume of "gases may displace air causing a decrease in Oxygen concentration.  When this occurs asphyxiation is possible.  If you become lightheaded, dizzy, or nauseous, due to release of LNG or LPG please leave the area immediately."  

The author of the information are the extractors of the petroleum products via their safety brochures.  They may be doing it so that the whims of insurance companies/regulators may rest easy ..... the public has been forewarned, it's on their heads.


Here's what NOT to do if your suspect a gas pipeline leak:
Do NOT remain in the area
Do NOT use open flames
Do Not bring Cell Phones, Flashlights, motor vehicles, electric or cordless tools, etc
Do not attempt to operate pipeline valves.

Both LNG and LPG may displace air causing a decrease in oxygen concentration. When this occurs asphyxiation is possible. If you become lightheaded, dizzy, or nauseous, due to release of LNG or LPG please leave the area immediately and call 911.

Gosh!   Why would the heavy BC Liberals hitters, Shirley Bond, Jane Thornthwaite, Naomi Yamamoto, and Christy Clark approve taking LNG inside the BC Legislature building just to show that they can drink water purified with LNG?

laced teacup full of NG video


Kinder Morgan Pg 2
If the politicians are risking their lives, and ours, on the presence of mercaptan, that rotten egg smell, please note that it is ADDED afterwards, only when the gas is being shipped to consumers directly?


Tweets about #LNGinBC is the title of the experiment in communication with the public, but the 'Gods' are using Natural GAS without the BC Hydro/IPP ingredient: massive amounts of electricity.