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Trans Mountain Expansion Project: First Nations Separate Submission to Ministers

Lack of consultation appears to be the consistent theme when it comes to Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project  ..... the BC Liberal Government and   Liberal Government

Part I

British Columbia     EA Certificate

 Adams Lake Indian Band

Scia'new First Nation (Beecher Bay Indian Band)

Chawathil First Nation

Cheam First Nation

Coldwater Indian Band

Cook's Ferry Indian Band - BC only submission

Cook's Ferry Indian Band

Ditidaht First Nation

Esquimalt Nation

Katzie First Nation

Kwantlen First Nation

Kwikwetlem First Nation

Lower Nicola Indian Band

Lyackson First Nation

The First Nations of Maa-Nulth Treaty Society

Matsqui First Nation

Musqueam Indian Band

Nlaka'pamux Nation Tribal Council

Pacheedaht First Nation

Pauquachin First Nation

Shxw’ōwhámel First Nation

Simpcw First Nation

Siska Indian Band - BC only submission

Squamish Nation

Sto:lo Collective

Tsawout First Nation

Tsleil-Waututh Nation - BC only submission

T'Sou-ke Nation

Yale First Nation

Last Updated: 2017-01-12


Part II 
Joint Federal/Provincial Consultation and Accommodation Report for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project and Appendices
Commitment Tracking Table

Joint Federal/Provincial Consultation and Accommodation Report

Appendix A.12 - Horse Lake First Nation

Appendix B.1 - Lheidli T'enneh First Nation

Appendix B.2 - Lhtako Dene Nation (Red Bluff Indian Band)

Appendix B.3 - Ashcroft Indian Band

Appendix B.4 - Boston Bar First Nation

Appendix B.5 - Cook's Ferry Indian Band

Appendix B.6 Kanaka Bar Indian Band

Appendix B.7 Nicomen Indian Band

Appendix B.8 Siska Indian Band

Appendix B.9 Nlaka'pamux Nation Tribal Council

Appendix B.10 Coldwater Indian Band

Appendix B.11 Lower Nicola Indian Band

Appendix B.12 Nooaitch Indian Band

Appendix B.13 ? ackan Indian Band

Appendix B.14 Okanagan (Syilx) Nation

Appendix B.15 Adams Lake Indian Band

Appendix B.16 Bonaparte Indian Band

Appendix B.17 - Canim Lake Band (Tsq'escen)

Appendix B.18 Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band

Appendix B.19 High Bar (Llenlleney'ten) First Nation

Appendix B.20 Neskonlith Indian Band

Appendix B.21 Shuswap Indian Band

Appendix B.22 Simpcw First Nation

Appendix B.23 Splats'in First Nation

Appendix B.24 - Stk'emlupsemc te Secwe'pemc Nation

Appendix B.25 - Stswecem'c Xgat'tem (Canoe Creek / Dog Creek Indian Band)

Appendix B.26 - Ts'kw'aylaxw First Nation (Pavilion Indian Band)

Appendix B.27 Whispering Pines/Clinton Indian Band

Appendix B.28 Williams Lake Indian Band

Appendix B.29 Xats'ull First Nation (Soda Creek Indian Band)

Appendix B.30 Toosey Indian Band

Appendix C.1 - Kwikwetlem First Nation

Appendix C.2 Musqueam Indian Band

Appendix C.4 Squamish Nation

Appendix C.5 Tsawwassen First Nation

Appendix C.6 Tsleil-Waututh Nation

Appendix C.7 Chawathil First Nation

Appendix C.8 Cheam First Nation

Appendix C.9 Katzie First Nation

Appendix C.10 Kwantlen First Nation

Appendix C.11 Matsqui First Nation

Appendix C.12 Peters Band

Appendix C.13 Popkum Indian Band

Appendix C.14 Seabird Island Indian Band

Appendix C.15 C Shxw’ōwhámel First Nation

Appendix C.16 - Sts'ailes (Chehalis) Nation

Appendix C.17 Union Bar First Nation

Appendix C.18 Yale First Nation

Appendix C-19 - St':l' Collective

Appendix D.1 Cowichan Tribes

Appendix D.2 Ditidaht First Nation

Appendix D.3 Esquimalt Nation

Appendix D.4 Halalt First Nation

Appendix D.5 Hwlitsum

Appendix D.6 Lake Cowichan First Nation

Appendix D.7 Lyackson First Nation

Appendix D.8 Maa-nulth First Nations

Appendix D.9 - Malahat Nation

Appendix D.10 Pacheedaht First Nation

Appendix D.11 Pauquachin First Nation

Appendix D.12 Penelakut Tribe

Appendix D.13 Scia'new First Nation (Beecher Bay Indian Band)

Appendix D.14 Semiahmoo First Nation

Appendix D.15 Snaw-naw-as (Nanoose) First Nation

Appendix D.16 ? uneymuxw (Nanaimo) First Nation

Appendix D.17 Songhees First Nation

Appendix D.18 Stz'uminus First Nation

Appendix D.19 Tsartlip First Nation

Appendix D.20 Tsawout First Nation

Appendix D.21 Tseycum First Nation

Appendix D.22 T'Sou-ke First Nation

Appendix F Aboriginal interests and concerns that influenced project design

Appendix G - Commitments Tracking Table

Appendix H - NEB Panel Terms and Conditions

Appendix I - Other Crown Measures Related to West Coast Energy Infrastructure

81 Pages    151 items

Last Updated: 2017-01-12

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Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner Order January 9, 2017: Translink & Burrard Communications

F17-02South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority (TransLink)

 January 9, 2017

Summary:  A journalist requested a specific contract between Translink and Burrard Communications, in addition to any reports from Burrard about its activities under the contract.  Translink disclosed the records in severed form, withholding some information under s. 22(1) (harm to third-party personal privacy).  The adjudicator found that s. 22(1) applies to some of the information.  However, the adjudicator found that s. 22(1) does not apply to some information about Burrard's principal, as the journalist already knows this information, and ordered Translink to disclose this information to the journalist.


[4]   The issue before me is whether Translink is required by s. 22(1) of FIPPA to refuse to disclose information to the journalist.  Under s. 57(2) of FIPPA, the journalist has the burden of proving that disclosure of the withheld personal information would not be an unreasonable invasion of third-party personal privacy under s. 22(1).

[16]  Page 40 - The withheld information on this page is the address of Burrard's principal in his role as its president and secretary, in a section entitled "Names, Addresses of Corporate Officers and Directors."  The material before me indicates that the address was also the principal's home address at the time.  However, it is clear from the context that it is the address for contacting the principal in his business capacity.  In my view, this is information to enable one to contact the principal at his place of business.  I therefore find that it is 'contact information'  and not personal information.  This means that s. 22(1) does not apply to it.


Orders "F" Series (Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act)

F17-02 South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority (TransLink)
F17-01 Regional District of Nanaimo


Orders "F" Series (Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act)

F16-52 Office of the Premier
F16-51 British Columbia Pavilion Corporation
F16-50 Ministry of Finance
F16-49 Ministry of Technology, Innovation, and Citizens' Services
F16-48 Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
F16-47 Vancouver Board of Education
F16-46 Fraser Health Authority
F16-45 South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority (TransLink)
F16-44 BC Coroners Service
F16-43 City of Vancouver
F16-42 Ministry of Finance
F16-41 New Westminster Police Service
F16-40 Provincial Health Services Authority
F16-39 Ministry of Advanced Education
F16-38 Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
F16-37 Law Society of British Columbia
F16-36 Provincial Health Services Authority
F16-35 City of Burnaby
F16-34 City of Penticton
F16-33 Ministry of Finance
F16-32 City of Richmond
F16-31 City of Grand Forks
F16-30 Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
F16-29 Ministry of Finance
F16-28 Independent Investigations Office
F16-27 BC Pavilion Corporation
F16-26 Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
F16-25 BC Securities Commission
F16-24 Private Career Training Institutions Agency
F16-23 Superintendent of Real Estate
Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
F16-21 Vancouver Police Department
F16-20 Ministry of Health
F16-19 Community Living BC
F16-18 British Columbia Pavilion Corporation and Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training
F16-17 City of Vancouver
F16-16 Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
F16-15 District of West Vancouver
F16-14 District of Oak Bay
F16-13 Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner
F16-12 Ministry of Justice
F16-11 Ministry of Health
F16-10 Ministry of Energy and Mines
F16-09 Ministry of Justice
F16-08 Ministry of Justice
F16-07 Elections BC
F16-06 Ministry of Health
F16-05 Capital Regional District
F16-04 Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation
F16-03 City of Nanaimo
F16-02 BC Pavilion Corporation
F16-01 Langara College

What does Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and former Defense Minister Peter MacKay have in common? The same helicopter for island hopping

Different islands but for the same use .... vacationing

Defense Minister Peter MacKay, helicopter

OTTAWA—The Conservative cost-cutting agenda has spilled more blood as the defence minister was alleged to have used a military aircraft to pick him up from a fancy Newfoundland fishing lodge.

After the Tories abandoned Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Walt Natynczyk earlier this week to explain why he used a Challenger jet to catch up to a family vacation in the Caribbean, Defence Minister Peter MacKay was targeted for retribution.

Citing a military source, CTV News reported Wednesday night that MacKay’s office ordered one of three Cormorant search-and-rescue helicopters to pick him up from a salmon-fishing lodge on Newfoundland’s Gander River in July 2010.

The choppers are on round-the-clock standby at CFB Gander, ready to perform offshore rescues or to respond to distress calls around the province and in northeastern Quebec.

MacKay said in the House of Commons that he was on a four-day fishing trip with friends but had to cut it short to attend a government news conference. The decision was made then to schedule a quick demonstration of the aircraft’s capabilities.
 Natynczyk travels with up to six or seven people, sometimes including a close protection team with automatic weapons. He also needs the secure communication lines provided on government aircraft that allow him to work while he's in the air.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau .... no close protection team with automatic weapons.... or secure communication lines.

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Aga Khan's double duty: pall bearer to Pierre's end of life and to Justin's political life: Appalling

Charting Canada's Elites by jjmccullough

Justin Trudeau
Son of Pierre and Margaret
CBC personality
Liberal MP candidate 
Red means political ties, yellow means family ties, green means business ties, and purple means media ties.
Aga Khan
Asper, Israel
Burney, Derek
Ruth, Nancy (and Jackman, Henry)
Sauve, Jeanne
Sauve, Maurice
Sinclair, James
Sinclair, Margaret
St. Laurent, Louis
Thompson, Kenneth
Thomson, David
Tory, John A.
Tory, John A.
Trudeau, Alexandre
Trudeau, Justin (Husband of Gregorie, Sophie)
Trudeau, Pierre (Father of .... )
Valpy, Michael

If you are wondering why Justin Trudeau has such high regard for Fidel Castro .... he was one of Pierre's pall bearers

Foreign dignitaries included Cuban President Fidel Castro, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and the Aga Khan, who were honorary pallbearers together with Leonard Cohen and Trudeau's cabinet colleague Marc Lalonde. Konstantinos Stephanopoulos, President of Greece was also in attendance. 

Pierre Elliott Trudeau (18 October 1919-28 September 2000) 

The photograph shows former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau's family, friends, colleagues, and official guests in attendance to observe his passing. His son, Justin, rests his head on the casket of his father. Margaret Trudeau, in the front pew with son, Alexandre, is flanked by the beloved prime minister's later life partner, Deborah Coyne, and their daughter, Sarah. The former prime minister's sister, Suzette Rouleau, is on the far side of the same first row. Leonard Cohen on the right. In attendance next to Cuban President Fidel Castro are Prince Aga Khan, former Governor-General Romeo Leblanc, and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. Other notables present at the ceremony not shown in this photograph include past Canadian Prime Ministers John Turner, Joseph Clark, Brian Mulroney, and Jean Chretien.

Globe and Mail

Requiem brings foes togetherPolitical enemies put differences aside to join family and friends in praise of Trudeau

Wednesday, October 4, 2000 

Mr. Carter and Mr. Castro were both honorary pallbearers for Mr. Trudeau's casket and were spotted inside the cavernous Notre Dame Basilica chatting amicably. Mr. Carter was even captured on camera as he laughed at something Mr. Castro, a political pariah in the United States, said.

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Sergei Polunin 'Take Me To Church': Quiet on the set.... Roll sound.... Roll Drone .... Roll camera.... Roll marker .... Action!

Christmas is over, visitors from the States have left for another year, but before they departed there was an introduction to Sergi Polunin, Pink and Rihanna video's ..... in that order


No Camera is visible in the final CUT, not even the Drone

How many times did Sergei Polunin have to perform to get it right   ?

I started to lose track because of the One True Source of Light, was moving on the walls and floors in the space of just over four minutes.























One Camera

Confrontationist Peter Fassbender is still the Minister of Education

Four Twenty    663 views
Peter wears two rings on his fingers, one on each hand.  To know when he lies, his nervousness drives him to use his left hand (wedding band) to constantly twist his signature ring on his right hand, eh.

Typically when the BC Liberal government makes a change they dump the old and bring in the new.

This video is during the governments initiative Appealing to the Griffith decision. 
Uploaded on Apr 14, 2014
Peter Cameron, Chief Negotiator for the BC Public School Employers' Association (BCPSEA) provides his perspective on the current negotiations with the BC Teachers' Federation and merits of each of the parties' positions on class size and composition, monetary proposals and the relevance of Justice Griffin's decision in this round of collective bargaining.

Supreme Court of Canada took 20 minutes to agree with Griffith, and the BCTF

Peter Cameron, Chief Negotiator for the BC Public School Employers' Association (BCPSEA

Saturday, January 7, 2017

In light of the BCTF Supreme Court win + BC Liberal full time In-House/Out-House lawyers lost ...

how much money have the lawyers donated to the BC Liberal Party election coffers when the lawyers source of income came from the taxpayers of British Columbia? 

The one hitch to the question is that the BC Liberal are keeping their Government lawyers (In-House/Out-House) fees close to their chests, the cost of a 15 years fight with the BC Teachers Federation, because it is NOT in the Public's interest just before an election.

The BC Liberals said the same thing when .......
A former BC Liberal MLA now working as a director at Simon Fraser University has been giving public dollars from his university expense account to the BC Liberal Party. - Vancouver Sun - WayBackMachine
FRPC - Wilfred L Hurd

Elections BC records show that, in addition to the expenses, Hurd also donated $18,766 to the BC Liberals between 2005 and mid-2011. The records show no donations to the New Democratic Party, and it is not clear if the donations were reimbursed by the university.  - Vancouver Sun - WayBackMachine


re Norman Farrell's Posts  .. 

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Vancouver: Kitchen Exhaust Vent test results in permutations greater than Rubik's Cube 43 quintillion

Rubik's Cube
The puzzle consists of twenty-six unique miniature cubes, also called "cubies" or "cubelets".

Cambridge Gardens is a high-rise building that offers 181 units (cubies or cubelets) and was built in 1989.
Which 1989 planner in Vancouver City Hall came up with the idea of connecting different floors exhaust vents with 2 others higher up?   Are the bathroom vents connected too?  Are the dryer vents connected?

Two towers:  2628 Ash Street, Cambridge Gardens

Six Vents not Three

In case of an emergency, Vancouver General Hospital is almost right next door.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Christy Clark's mortgage helper for 'kids', taken from seniors mortgage helper property taxes

The $35,000 that the kids will be using??? will pay their property taxes over seven years, whereas the source of the money is from the seniors that used to qualify for a reduction to their property assessment taxes, has been killed off because of the 'kids' paying outrages prices to own a home.

The election is just five months away and .... get out the kid votes is a high priority costing a mere $35,000 to the public purse.

Christy Clark must have bought into the idea because there are more kids looking for a place to live than seniors wanting to die in their homes instead of being shoved off to a nursing home, without dignity, to a BC Liberal fund raiser business partners.....