Tuesday, February 21, 2017

CNR and Kinder Morgan: Is it permissable to ship Sulphur with Wheat with Canola with Peas with Barley and Malt

The label on the tanker rail car shows Wheat, but is it?

Sulphur is a fertilizer used to grow wheat.

Is it permissible to ship sulphur in a vessel (container) that is also used for wheat and canola, peas, barley and malt.  Colley West at Vancouver Wharves

 Is it acceptable to mix a product for consumption with a poison?

.... sulphur is always in demand. It is used for fertilizer, matches, batteries, bleach, laxatives, wine-making, shampoo and loads of other ubiquitous products.

Colley West

Monday, February 20, 2017

MLA Rich Coleman believes that we are next to a plural of neighbouring provinces

British Columbia and Alberta are joined at the hip whereas .....Saskatchewan ...... is not our immediate neighbour like that of  Washington, Alaska, Yukon and Northwest Territories

Rich Coleman, Deputy Premier and Minister of Natural Gas Development
"Petrinex provides us with a better way to monitor natural gas and oil produced in the province and improves how we account for revenues owed to government.  We are adopting this system because (after being in power for 15 years and we may lose power in 2017) it has a proven track record and the support of both industry and our neighbouring provinces."   (Alberta Petrinex)

If the doors are closed on-line for Coleman's Petrinex ....... there's a variety of reasons ...

Petrinex is currently offline for one of the following reasons:

  • Outside Normal Operating Hours
  • System Upgrade
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  • Please click on the link below to view the Hours of Operations Calendar.

                      Petrinex/Service Desk Hours of Operations

    But take a look at the top right hand corner of this screenshot of Pertinex

    .... Last Review/Updated: October 18, 2012 10:44 AM


     Petrinex Hours & Reporting Calendars

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    Alberta Frequenty Asked Questions 


    Business Associates
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     Access to Petrinex

    Petrinex is only accessible by Business Associates (BAs) that are named parties to transactions referenced in Petrinex (e.g. operator, non-operating working interest owner, pipeline, shipper, other entities reporting to the DOE, AER or ECON).  

    If you are a new Alberta company/individual without a 4-character BA code click the Apply for Access button below.  As well as applying for a BA, this form also asks that you appoint a User Security Administrator (USA).  Once a company/individual is validated for use of Petrinex, a BA code will be issued to them.  When this occurs, the USA will be phoned and given a BA USA ID and password.
    If you are a new Saskatchewan company/individual without a 5-character BA code click the Apply for Access button below. As well as applying for a BA, this form also asks that you appoint a User Security Administrator (USA). Once a company/individual is validated for use of Petrinex, a BA code will be issued to them. When this occurs, the USA will be phoned and given a BA USA ID and password.


    Sunday, February 12, 2017

    Christy Clark jumps too quickly to a conclusion but has always managed to wriggle free?

    Christy Clark to Rob Shaw and Derrick Penner:
    It is further proof of the fact when we jump to conclusions and we make a mistake we should own up to it.  And I have no problem saying sorry because I made a mistake and I shouldn't have jumped to those conclusions as quickly as I did.

    Christy Clark:
    And I want to do as much as I can to make that right today to offer my apology to John, which I've done.

    Christy Clark:
    I don't know what else I can do except apologize to him,

    I'm glad I've been able to get that off my chest because certainly when Vicki Huntington came forward and said it was her that had the information and her office that obtained it, I needed to make sure I made it right with John.

    If Christy keeps backtracking on making conclusions too quickly she won't need to wear a Site C bra.

    Wally Oppal archived writings can still be seen on the BC Legislature walls
    VICTORIA – Corporations, governments and individuals will soon be able to offer a sincere apology as part of their dispute resolution process without fear of legal liability, thanks to new legislation being tabled today, said Attorney General Wally Oppal.

    “There are times when an apology is very important and appropriate but the legal implications have long been uncertain,” said Oppal. “The Apology Act is designed to promote the early and mutually beneficial resolution of disputes by allowing parties to express honest regret or remorse by removing concerns that an apology amounts to an admission of liability or could void provisions of an insurance policy.”

    Same Vancouver Sun same article above:

    John Horgan:
    She created a problem for herself, she's been making it bigger ... as each day goes by,

    Friday, February 10, 2017

    Alex Gervais HAD to die because he, and others, didn't fit within Premier Christy Clark's 'Families First' or 'Family Day' election agendas


    BC Liberal Cabinet response to Alex Gervais plea for help


    Norman Farrell:

    Rule by expediency, not by principle


    Laila Yuile:

    Not Forgotten. How many children must die before someone takes responsibility?  


    Paul Willcocks (blog: Paying Attention) 10 Feb 2017 | TheTyee.ca

     It Didn’t Have to Happen This Way: Government Still Failing Vulnerable Youth

    It’s time to make the treatment of kids in care a key election issue.


    Alex Gervais caregiver received $8,000 per month .... $96,000 per year and didn't visit him for ten days before the BC Liberals threw him out the window.

     Page 3 of 71

    News Release from RCY

    Representative for Children and Youth BC:  Broken Promises: Alex's Story
    The final caregiver who was being well paid ($8,000 per month) to oversee him was absent from the hotel that Alex had reluctantly been forced to consider "home" for 49 straight days.


    BC Family Day

    Families First

    Youth and Family Services

    Ted Hughes damming report on Premier Gordon Campbell and Deputy Premier / Education Minister Christy Clark  -  Took the (budget) knife too far

    "I cannot agree with the premier's earlier assessment that budget cuts did not contribute to the failure of the transition process ...," wrote Hughes. "As I have commented throughout this report, the impact of budget constraints reverberated throughout the child welfare system from 2002 until recently.

    Those responsible for the transition were under pressure to meet deep spending cuts across the board and as a result, this small program [to review the children's deaths] got lost in the shuffle."

    The Vancouver Sun has deleted all copies of this article but the BCTF kept a copy:

    2016 "In fairness, these are complex cases and following ..."

    Wednesday, February 8, 2017

    Premier Campbell's Cabinet meetings documents 2001-2002 (over 15 years) are now available to the public eg. BC Rail

    It's worth it to go back and look at the BC Liberals New Era bullshit to find something that is an absolute GOLD MINE.

    When Gordon Campell's BC Liberals came to 'power' on May 16, 2001 they proceeded to break an election promise by setting into motion to sell off BC Rail (along with Vancouver Wharves to Kinder Morgan's Sulphur piles).  They spent three years of Cabinet (SECRET) meetings until the RCMP came knocking on the BC Legislature doors.

    BC Rail:
    The public first became aware (RAID) of the issue on December 28, 2003  Wikipedia
     2017 - 2001 = 16   Under 16 years to February 8, 2017 but more than 15 years.

    Four months to go for the Provincial election.

    Now would be a great time for a flurry of FOI requests regarding cabinet documents relating to BC Rail.  FOI Section 12 ".... requires that government keep secret, for a period of at least 15 years, "the substance of deliberations of the Executive Council ........""

    The Tyee   2004  
    Gordon Campbell's election promise of cabinet meetings open to the public? Never mind.
    By Will McMartin, 14 Dec 2004,

     ....... It is tempting to conclude that Gordon Campbell, whose governmental experience is grounded in municipal affairs, simply was unaware of this parliamentary convention when he promised open cabinet meetings. He mistakenly believed that the Executive Council was identical or similar to a municipal council, where councillors or aldermen openly debate policy issues and those on the losing side may continue to oppose a policy long after it has been decided.

    He evidently also was unfamiliar with British Columbia's decade-old Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Section 12 of the statute requires the government to keep secret, for a period of at least 15 years, "the substance of deliberations of the Executive Council or any of its committees, including any advice, recommendations, policy considerations or draft legislation or regulations submitted or prepared to the Executive Council or any of its committees." Section 13 allows some information to be released after just five years, if the cabinet already has publicly announced its decision.   ......
     Cabinet and local public body confidences
    12  (1) The head of a public body must refuse to disclose to an applicant information that would reveal the substance of deliberations of the Executive Council or any of its committees, including any advice, recommendations, policy considerations or draft legislation or regulations submitted or prepared for submission to the Executive Council or any of its committees.
    (2) Subsection (1) does not apply to
    (a) information in a record that has been in existence for 15 or more years,
    (b) information in a record of a decision made by the Executive Council or any of its committees on an appeal under an Act, or
    (c) information in a record the purpose of which is to present background explanations or analysis to the Executive Council or any of its committees for its consideration in making a decision if
    (i)   the decision has been made public,
    (ii)   the decision has been implemented, or
    (iii)   5 or more years have passed since the decision was made or considered.
    (3) The head of a local public body may refuse to disclose to an applicant information that would reveal
    (a) a draft of a resolution, bylaw or other legal instrument by which the local public body acts or a draft of a private Bill, or
    (b) the substance of deliberations of a meeting of its elected officials or of its governing body or a committee of its governing body, if an Act or a regulation under this Act authorizes the holding of that meeting in the absence of the public.
    (4) Subsection (3) does not apply if
    (a) the draft of the resolution, bylaw, other legal instrument or private Bill or the subject matter of the deliberations has been considered in a meeting open to the public, or
    (b) the information referred to in that subsection is in a record that has been in existence for 15 or more years.

    Monday, February 6, 2017

    Why pay $20,000! to sit down with BC Premier Christy Clark when $900 buys a BC Liberal Minister for a year

    There are actually some pretty big things going on - more pre-election announcements from the Liberals, who suddenly have gazillions of dollars for all sorts of things like bridges and... bridges, but in the meantime check out this gem of a report The Lynn Valley Local Plan - Planning Report from back in 1998. - North Vancouver Politics 

    Links To North Shore MLAs 

    NV Lonsdale MLA Naomi Yamamoto   For Sale  (priceless)


    WV-Capilano MLA Ralph Sultan   Is more interested saving a Vancouver Island riding than ...  


    NV-Seymour MLA Jane Thornthwaite   Server not Found here

    Thornthwaite is just as concerned about their Vancouver Island ridings as Sultan

    Mike Smyth: the Province   Vancouver Island Leaks Party contacts

    WayBack Machine:

    Ralph Sultan in 2014

    Jane Thornthwaite  2014

    Naomi Yamamoto  2013

    Sunday, February 5, 2017

    WAC Bennett's 1952 New Deal: Kinder Morgan's TransMountain Pipeline to pay $400,000 per year taxation. Where's the money to the affected municipalities??


    In this election year has anyone crunched the number$ that Premier Christy Clark worked out with Kinder Morgan?  Is there a 'taxation' that benefits British Columbians or is her showmanship exactly the same as WAC Bennett's NEW deal with Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline in 1953?

    Was it an election year in 1953?    

    Outline of Burnaby History - David Pereira


    In Particular, the third paragraph


    Trans Mountain Pipeline

    Outline of Burnaby History - David Pereira


    Page 23 of 24

    The figures describing this gigantic undertaking are astronomical in size; the cost is estimated at $82,000,000.  The pipe is of 24-inch diameter, with walls varying from 1/4 -inch to 1/2-inch in thickness.  It is of high pressure electric welded steel,   (Welded Steel Pipe - Steel Tank Institute)(Page 91) and a single length weighs a ton, approximately, for a 40-foot pipe.  In order to keep the cost of truck hauling in the rough sections of the route to as low a level as practible, distribution of the pipe is made to almost every available siding en route.  For instance, on the Canadian National Railway between Edmonton and Kamloops, a distance of 510 miles there are 97 sidings.  About 5,000 railway cars are required to deliver the pipe, each car carrying between 640 and 840 lineal feet.  Before being laid, all rust and scale are removed by steel brushes, a coat of primer is then supplied, followed by a coating of enamel brushed on at temperature of 450 degrees, Fah.  The pipe is then wrapped in fibre-glass, then with asbestos felt.  The delivery of these materials alone will require 21 cars for the fibre-glass, 63 cars for the asbestos felt, and 280 cars for the enamel.  We quote these figures to illustrate the magnitude of  the undertaking, the total work in connection with which requiring 1,500 men during the peak of construction.  A welding school for the training of welders was opened in Vancouver in the spring of this year. The completion of the line is scheduled for two years hence.  From the ....


    Taxation has been set by the Provincial Legislature at $38,500 a mile, based on the ultimate throughput of 200,000 barrels per day.  The initial throughput, however, being 75,000 per day, a sliding scale will go into effect until the maximum throughput is reached.  In affected municipalities through with the pipeline passes, the taxation will amount to $38,500 per mile, multiplied by the mill rate of the municipality.  It is estimated that when the line is flowing at full capacity, British Columbia will receive about $400,000 per year, divided between the province and the municipalities.  The work of laying the pipe is progressing steadily, the local site of the receiving plant is about cleared of forest growth, and this undertaking is fairly on the way to completion by the end of 1953.

    BC Auditor General may be able to explain Where's our money as British Columbians, and more importantly, the municipalities that ARE affected directly     eg. Burnaby?

    The 'divided' number is not mentioned in the history of Burnaby.


    Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project

    The original Trans Mountain Pipeline was built in 1953 and continues to operate safely today. The expansion is of this existing 1,150-kilometre pipeline between Strathcona County (near Edmonton), Alberta and Burnaby, BC. The expansion, will create a twinned pipeline increasing the nominal capacity of the system from 300,000 barrels per day to 890,000 barrels per day.

     Oh by the way, the reason that its so expensive for Kinder Morgan to repair the pipeline anomalies, we call them SPILLS, is that they have to remove not only the oil, but they have to remove the ASBESTOS wrapped around the pipe.

    Page 26

    Number of Spills
    It should be noted that the pipeline goes south to Washington State so the barrels per day are skewed, conflicted, whereby the oil travels 98% through Alberta and British Columbia and skips from the Fraser Valley to Sumas.

    Historical Background Report: Trans Mountain Pipeline, 1947 - 2013       Sean Kheraj
      Page 17 of 86
    1953 version of 'taxation' was based on 'barrels per day' forever

    2017 is based on 'right-of-way" for 20 years

    By jurisdiction, economic and fiscal impacts from Project development, operations and higher netbacks include:
    • $5.7 billion provincially in British Columbia
    • $19.4 billion provincially in Alberta
    • $21.6 billion to the rest of Canada
    • At the municipal level, the approval of the Expansion Project would increase property tax revenue by $530 million to local governments along the pipeline right-of-way over 20 years. Existing and new tax payments to municipalities and regional governments would exceed $1 billion over 20 years.

    Friday, February 3, 2017

    Peter Fassbender Letter from Christy Clark on Education portfolio 2013: "As a student, parent and Minister of Education (not in that order) I ..."

    Not funny, but looking back ten years to the start of the fight with the BCTF, all the way up to the Supreme Court of Canada in 2016 .... Christy Clark never saw herself as being part of the collective agreement between the BCTF and the Government of British Columbia School Trustee (if they don't accept being dictated to they are FIRED).  


    Page 2 of 4

    Christy Clark written instruction to Peter Fassbender

    .... As a student, parent and Minister of Education (not in that order), I have personally seen the positive impact a great teacher can make on the life and futre of a child.  We are fortunate in our province to have many great teachers (which I laid off the 'great') in our province, but unfortunately too often THEY find themselves caught in the middle of labour disputes (WHO might that be)(not the BC Liberal Party) -- feeling like they have to choose sides between their students and their union.   ...

    The fancy official version is here

    Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc ...

    Thursday, February 2, 2017

    Fraser Institute study: Premature deaths of sucessive Premiers Fathers due to alcohol consumption: Campbell and Clark

    The Vaughn Palmer's column on Premier Christy Clark latest family revelation must have sent alarm bells off at the headquarters of the Fraser Institute.  How to explain the odds of two consecutive Premiers of British Columbia losing their fathers, prematurely, to alcohol.   BC Liberals only? or of any political stripe?

    Before Gordon Campbell's landslide victory in 2001 he did an interview with MacLean's (original now stashed at the Canadian Encyclopedia) as Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition in 1999.
    .... beneath the surface there were darker currents: Chargo Campbell was a workaholic who drank heavily.
    Christ Clark is a no holds barred kind of politician who will use every 'device' available to protect her BC Liberal dynasty and although her privacy is protected by FOI legislation she then throws her family under the bus, for public scrutiny.

    Clark tells the public that her son Hamish is off-limits but has him standing side by side on the podium, and then invites a Vancouver Sun journalist to ride along while mom Christy drives her son to hockey practice where the talk is all about running another red light because 'she does all the time'.

    The Premier admits the BC Liberal Party's gifting of a $300,000 stipend over the past six years to their Leader has distracted the public, and with the Provincial election mere months away Clark appears to be grabbing at straws now, a last ditch effort to win back-to-back. (Harry Belafonte)

    MLA Christy Clark represents Kelowna - West riding, the stronghold wine grower region of British Columbia, so naturally she leans, is bent, towards promoting all things related to alcohol, and then earlier this week she rolls out her family's loss, prematurely, 20 years ago.

    Plenty of mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and cousins and grand parents have lost family members to Fentanyl.

    Her unspoken response is 'I share our pain'.  Get over it for the next 20 years.

    The B.C. premier’s linking of alcohol and mental illness drew some telling comments as well. Anonymous comment:  “You talk about your father’s alcoholism yet you are making liquor more accessible? Unending liquor announcements.

    The premier has often cited Jim Clark, a Burnaby school teacher who ran unsuccessfully for the Liberals on three occasions, as an inspirational figure who whetted her appetite for politics.

    To my knowledge this was the first time she publicly discussed how depression and alcoholism contributed to his early death, more than 20 years ago.  “It is a tough way to grow up for a lot of families,” Clark continued, after a slight groping for words.

    “A lot of people have experienced that.”   SNIP

    But no personal confessionals stirred as much emotion as the one she made last June, after all parties in the legislature united to support tougher guidelines for dealing with sexual assault at post-secondary institutions.

    “As I sat in my chair on the floor of the legislature, it struck me: I knew all too well why women stay silent. For over 35 years, I’ve been one of them,” wrote Clark in an opinion piece published in The Vancouver Sun.

    She went on to recount something she’d not talked about before — the day when she was pulled off the sidewalk and into the bushes by a stranger bent on doing her harm.   And how, despite being very scared, she managed to wriggle free and run off to safety and a silence kept for decades.

    Has Christy Clark's revealed her family's personal details without first seeking consent from the rest of the family?

    Has Clark's parents-siblings-Aunts-Uncles-children-cousins agreed to Clark's public exposure of the skeletons in the family closet?

    There was Clark's joke about the 'limp microphone'   ....  and then the on air radio declaration of wanting to be seen as a MILF.

    The only family member she hasn't tainted with her revelations directly, is her brother.  Indirectly he has enough personal political baggage from the BC Rail File and last year's helicopter visit by the Premier donating funds that were not asked for to the Haida Gwaii in the middle of a local election had her brother standing in the wings wanting the Haida Gwaii to buy into his IPP Wind Farm proposal.

    The public is well aware of Gordon Campbell's drinking spree on Hawaii which resulted in mug shots and the order from the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles to surrender his British Columbia driver's license ... to then being chauffeured everywhere.

    Was that stipend benefit provided by the BC Liberal Party on government business?

    Wednesday, February 1, 2017

    Tuesday, January 31, 2017

    New York Times Reading list: Not Available to, nor used by, British Columbia's media -

    Unbiased view of British Columbia from the desks of the New York Times

    Where Are the Trees? Not Paris, New 'Green View Index' Finds

    higher than European cities. Singapore, however, ranks the highest with a 29.3 percent score, slightly ahead of Vancouver, British Columbia. The other cities mapped so far are Amsterdam; Boston; Frankfurt, Germany; 

    From Around the O: 

    From the University of Oregon, a tale of serendipitous research on an island off the coast of British Columbia. We think of wildfire as devastating, but new research suggests that for native people in the Pacific Northwest, fire was a tool of land management and fuel in a wet, deeply forested region. The story offers a glimpse into a corner of history before European settlement, and a reminder of what science contributes to our understanding of everything. — Kirk Johnson

    As Climate Change Accelerates, Floating Cities Look Like Less of a Pipe Dream

    real input from the Pacific Islanders themselves,” he added. Simon Donner, a geography professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver who studies the effects of climate change in the Pacific Islands,

    Canada Beckons International Students With a Path to Citizenship

    In British Columbia, where students from abroad make up 18 percent of the total enrollment, people in the province are beginning to grumble that locals are being passed over in favor of non-Canadians who pay higher

    TransCanada to Find Out if Shippers Still Behind Keystone XL

    WHISTLER, British Columbia — TransCanada Corp does not know definitively if shippers are still behind the recently revived Keystone XL pipeline project and will be reaching out to them to find out, chief executive

    For Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Leader, Revival of Keystone XL Upsets a Balancing Act

    carbon-pricing program in the province — a program that polls strongly in areas away from the oil patch, especially Ontario and British Columbia. But now people on all sides are angry at him. Along with a decision

    The Triplet Stars of ‘Baby Geniuses’ Now Shine in the Rink

    BEMIDJI, Minn. — Once in a while, when school is out and the hockey-playing Fitzgerald triplets are home in Port Alberni, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island, friends will text them that one of their movies is

    M.T.A. Chief’s Departure Leaves Void at Top of Agency at a Critical Time

    up working at the agency for 25 years. He left to work in the private sector and ran the transit system in Vancouver, British Columbia, before returning to New York in 2009 to oversee the subways. Among his major

    Exclusive-Canada Seeks Warnings on Prescription Painkillers Amid Rising Deaths

    doubled since 2010. An influx of illicit variations of fentanyl fuelled an 80 percent increase in deaths last year in British Columbia to a record 914. Philpott has called the opioid epidemic the nation’s greatest

    Henrik Sedin Nets 1,000th Point, Canucks Beat Panthers 2-1

    VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Henrik Sedin got mobbed by the rest of the Vancouver Canucks moments after he got his 1,000th career point — and struggled to keep his emotions in check. "When I saw my teammates

    Canada Today: Political Donations, a Young Captain and Top Films

    don’t view the fund-raisers and Mr. Trudeau’s vacation as particularly important issues. Tell us what you think. Out in British Columbia, Dan Levin looked into the pay arrangements of Christy Clark, the premier.

    Canadians Plead Guilty to Violations at Parks Across US West

    case in November. The defendants posted video and selfies of their travels on social media. Several are from Vancouver, British Columbia, and have a clothing line that they promote. Gamble's attorney, Alex Rate,

    Who Decides Who Counts as Native American?

    orchards and canneries of Washington State. Her father was Filipino and her mother was Indian, raised on a Shxway reserve in British Columbia. Her mother always said she was part Shxway, a Canadian band within the