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BC Hydro: Contractors are paid THREE times more than Equivalent in-house employee positions

1) Did you know that BC Hydro hires independent contractors to do work that their own equivalent employees are capable of?

2) BC Hydro Contractors pay $10 per hour more to their employees than BC Hydro pays to their employees.

3) The Union representing BC Hydro employees is the same Union that represents the Contractors employees who have a better pay package.

4) BC Hydro employees are leaving in droves to work for Contractors and at the same time the remaining employees are working OVERTIME (700 hours limit) to meet the needs of BC Hydro Customers.

5) The word on the street is that BC Hydro is hiding the costs of these Contractors (overly generous pay scale) by not requiring Contractors to invoice a breakdown of billing; lump sum payments are the norm.

6) BC Hydro ratio of an apprentice to journeymen is 1:3  for safety and a broader knowledge base.

7) Contractor ratio of an apprentice electrician to journeyman is 1:1

8) Is the cost of doing business by BC Hydro intentionally inflated by not ensuring Value for Money contracts are being granted?

9) Source of Source

10) BC Hydro's       Line Contractor Association   contributions to BC Liberal Party

11) Lower Mainland Line Contractors

12) Arctic Power Systems LTD  which is owned by Arctic Arrow Powerline Group Ltd which is owned by Altalink (Alberta) which is owned by Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company which is owned run by:

13) BC Hydro manpower was run by a Crown Corporation.      

14) BC Hydro has now been spun off to four other companies, all collecting a profit.

15) Why does BC Hydro have so many middlemen?

16) Don't ask why BC Hydro chooses these method, that question is best asked of Translink who admit that they do exactly the same thing.  However in a review of SCBCTA it is recommended that contracting out must be stopped.
Page 48 of 67
17) Review of South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority aka Translink

18) "Hiring freezes" is one culprit for Translink, is it the same case for BC Hydro?

19) Is there a chronic shortage of BC Hydro employees on multiple fronts just so the BC Liberal Government can present a Balanced Budget after driving the Corporation into $5 billion Deferral Accounts .... Debt which necessitates a need to raise the rates? 

Hugh says:  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/transalta-timed-power-outages-to-drive-up-prices-says-commission-1.3170229

Looking for a direct quote from the Minister of Children and Family Development Stephanie Cadieux, don't hold your breath

We've always guessed that British Columbia Liberals New Releases were not from the lips of the elected Members of the Legislative Assembly while in their acting role as Ministers.

We guessed that they were written by the likes of a Brian Bonney.  We now know that what we guessed at, is true.     It's all about smoke and mirrors.

In Vaughn Palmer's column today he has a quote (inferred) from Cadieux, and he's the only one with the quote in the whole media.  Must be scoop, eh.   Or it could mean that no one else accepted the quote that he used as being true, why publish it then, leave it up to Vaughn.

As it turns out she, Stephanie Cadieux, did NOT say the Scoop-Poop line, that job was left to her staff, or ordered from the Premier's Office Communication Directors PAB GCPE ETC, highlighted in blue.

“In accordance with labour relations advice, the supervisory staff that were referenced in the judge’s ruling have been reassigned to an area of work that does not involve the same duties as those being reviewed,” Children and Family Development Minister Stephanie Cadieux announced Friday. “This is an interim measure, and it is not punitive or disciplinary, as that kind of action would only be contemplated if warranted following a full and fair human resources review.”  - Vaughn Palmer's

The only quotes that the PAB / GCPE did include in 'their' news release was
Minister of Children and Family Development Stephanie Cadieux
“The vulnerable children who come into contact with our ministry, or who come into our care deserve our best each and every day. The recent judgment made many significant and disturbing assertions about staff conduct. We owe it to children, the public and to staff to seek out the truth in the most balanced and unbiased way possible.”
And two others:    Bob Plecas and Gordon Phaneuf, CEO Child Welfare League of Canada
In partnership with the Child Welfare League of Canada (CWLC), the Ministry of Children and Family Development has asked Bob Plecas, a highly respected former deputy minister, to lead an independent review into matters arising from Judge Walker’s recent B.C. Supreme Court ruling.

The News Release also included abbreviated Terms of Reference for Mr. Plecas

This is a child-protection practice and policy review in the matter J.P. and an investigation into whether systemic problems exist that can be improved through recommendations.
The only newspaper that reported on the News Release by the PAB / GCPE / ETC. was the KelownaNow.

There is a silver lining in all of this, from Vaughn Palmer's column:
Supervisory staff have been reassigned to an area of work that does not involve the same duties as those being reviewed......

If you happen to be required to attend the Children and Family Development Department of the BC Liberal Government offices and see a supervisor who is not normally working in the office, don't make the assumption that they are there as a TEMP, or filling in for someone who is on MAT leave, or for someone on Vacation. 

For the safety of your Family, your children, and harshly taught not trust anyone who is evasive :

 Ask if they have been suspended from a different office.

Ask if they were responsible for the rapes of children. 


Don't wait for the Courts to step in, again.

Hmmmm....   has the Elizabeth Fry Society group been involved ......

CWLC Members ... provincially, federally  etc.

Elizabet Fry Society of Greater Vancouver:
The Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver is a charitable organization that provides support services to some of society's most vulnerable populations – women, girls and children at risk of involvement, involved in or affected by the justice system. Our more than two dozen programs work to break the cycle of poverty, addiction, mental illness, homelessness and crime.

At EFry, we believe every life has value. All people are entitled to dignity and respect. And everyone has a right to belong. For over 70 years that has been our legacy. And our promise.

 British Columbia

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Remote Renata High Speed Tower Internet Reception, Purrrrrrrfect

Desperate for a connection to the rest of the world, from a remote part of British Columbia, then the only need is the will, community involvement, plans, submission to authorities, a modest fee per year, all weather maintenance capability, and First Nation Approval.

Nelson, Castlegar, Trail, Christina Lake are not eligible, nor is Metro Vancouver or Kelowna

Green Line, abandoned rail line which now acts as a hiking biking trail

The proposed use of this tower is to expand High Speed Internet Service to the Renata rural residential homes and businesses. This mountain side site provides a great view to most of the Renata area which is home seasonally to approximately 50 people. We have already been operating out of this site for about 2 years now as a zero foot print test scenario and are now ready to apply for a 30 year Crown Land License of Occupation. There are no sub-tenures of this site and we do not anticipate there being any in the near future. Since this site is so far away from any communities, there are no zoning issues to contend with. For this rural valley of homes and businesses, this communication site is the only High Speed Internet service option available currently.
 Deer Park Communication Site Inventory

Deer Park Introduction Letter

Deer Park Redacted Application

Deer Park Side Profile

Deer Park Site Specific map

Deer park Site Plan

Deer Park Site Questionnaire

Deer Park Management Plan

Deer Park Radio Ferquencies Licence

More information:  Columbia Basin Trust

Under the Connecting Canadians program, the Columbia Basin Trust will receive $3.34 million to connect approximately 11,000 households in the Kootenay region, including in Ainsworth Hot Springs, Baynes Lake, Beaver Valley, Blewett, Boswell, Boundary (Bridesville to Christina Lake), Bountiful, Brisco, Canal Flats, Canyon, Crawford Bay, Deer Park, Edgewater, Edgewood, Elk Valley, Elko, Fairmont Hot Springs, Ferguson,Field, Fruitvale, Genelle, Glade, Grasmere, Gray Creek, Harrogate, Harrop, Jaffray, Kingsgate, Kitchener, Lister, Moyie Lake, Northern Kootenay Lake communities, Parson, Renata, Riondel, Ross Spur, rural Rossland, Salmo, Sirdar, Slocan Valley, Spillimacheen, South Slocan,Tarrys, Thrums, Wasa, West Creston, Whatshan Lake and surrounding area, Wilmer, Windermere, Wynndel, Yahk and Ymir.

Hmmmmm   is this an election year, federally?
        11,000 households,  22,000 votes, maybe even 33,000

 Lower Arrow Lake top one third .... hmmmm   Southern Interior?????

Connecting Canadians

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

West Vancouver Swimming pools are not metered? Los Angeles does!

From an earlier Post: February 20, 2015 

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power DWP rebates for turfing turf

The real water guzzlers are swimming pools, volumes, empty too, are monitored by Google Earth for City Hall.  Empty is a plus for the homeowner's tax bills.   Swimming pools should be used as rain barrels.  If the chemicals don't kill swimmers, it shouldn't hurt plants, trees or the fish ponds.

Q: Does the LADWP provide a discounted water rate for filling my pool?

A:  No. Water usage will be billed according to your metered consumption.
You may be eligible for a Sewer Service Charge (SSC) adjustment if you filled your pool during the winter rainy season (typically from October through April). To request an adjustment, contact the City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, Bureau of Sanitation at 1-800-540-0952 or fill out and submit a Residential SSC Request for Adjustment.

Upper Levels and 15th, West Vancouver


Groveland Road, West Vancouver

Monday, July 20, 2015

BBC: a Devil's Advocate: Are CPR's plans to re-start their Arbutus Right of Way (ROW) logistically, financially viable?

Seriously, CPR is taking their moth balled Arbutus Corridor and turning it into a modern day siding for rail cars in a residential area when they rightfully belong in an industrial area, like False Creek Flats.  Where do they think they are? Winnipeg?

CPR sees the Arbutus Corridor as the perfect resting place for big Box cars loaded with personal goods, flat cars loaded with lumber, tankers loaded with LNG, hoppers loaded with sulphur and the Engines stationed somewhere in with the mix, just to prove that their land is worth $100,000,000 instead of $20 Million.

CPR has proved one thing, with a few machines and one work crew, they can clear their Right Of Way (ROW) legally and get free publicity from the Press, just to make a point of who owns what.

If you haven't been to the area lately Google Earth Street View will help.

1/4 block east of Arbutus on Broadway looking to the south.
BC Hydro poles, along with Jim Pattison signage?

To be a functioning rail company there are requirements in place for the safety of nearby residents and the public in general, there are Risks and Liabilities.

CPR is well aware of their responsibilities to the public, it's just that they don't go out of their way to inform those who are inconvenienced the greatest.  For example East/West bound traffic at 25th aka King Edward. ..... a train cannot stand still on a public grade crossing for a period longer than 5 minutes when vehicular or pedestrian traffic requires passage.   Not clear if the same holds true if the train length stretches from Marpole to Granville Island and moving, shunting, all of the time and still blocking King Edward traffic.  Oh, and blocking every other grade crossing between Marpole and Granville Island.

CP in your com​munity brochure, Canada​​ 
 Blocked crossings
 Canadian Railway Operating Rules (CROR) establish that any movement of a train cannot stand still on a public grade crossing for a period longer than 5 minutes when vehicular or pedestrian traffic require passage. If a train is shunting (switching) over a public grade crossing, the crew must clear the crossing every 5 minutes to allow vehicle or pedestrian passage. When an emergency vehicle requires passage, employees must cooperate to quickly clear the involved public grade crossing.

 Taking the Canadian Railway Operating Rules a step further their engineers must, within a quarter of a mile, whistles must start tooting, toot-a-toot-a-tooting

Under CROR rules, train whistles at all public grade crossings must be sounded in a sequence of 2-long, 1-short, 1-long sounds. The train whistle sequence is initiated at least ¼ mile before each public grade crossing, and the last long whistle must be sounded until the public grade crossing is fully occupied by the train.

From Granville Island to 16th Avenue the distances between each grade crossing is less than a 1/4 of a mile; from 16th Avenue to 25th its a 1/2 mile; 25th to Nanton to 33rd to 37th  hmmmm Whistling to 41st to 45th to 49th  Whistling.... toot toot toot toot and at all hours, day or night.
 Then there's the CPR equipment that automatically blocks motor vehicles and pedestrians from crossing the ROW if there's a train barreling down the line with the Ding-a-Ding-a-Ding, flashing red lights, and the slicing down of the magic wands  .... that will somehow cover, at Broadways three six lanes of traffic.   CPR's answer???, a double wide system, curb and centre line, eh.

Has CPR contacted Vancouver City Engineers to discuss how intersection lights will interact with trains blocking the roads at the grade crossings?  Will the City have to put in left turn lanes two to three blocks long?  What about the right hand turn lanes, same distance?

Who's paying for all this infrastructure, just to make a point.

Next in line of things to do before CPR can declare that they are officially operational on the Arbutus Corridor is to put up chain link fencing with razor wire topping to prevent the public from ducking beneath stationary rail cars or climbing over at the couplers linking two units together.

If CPR is being honest with the public they should prove that they have the capability of running a train on time on budget to their shareholders or is it only about the money?

According to a brochure produced by CPR, they want the world to know that they are good neighbours and they are always thinking of those nearby properties, not the current owners mind you, its those individuals who may be interested in living beside an active rail line.
Locomotive whistles are significant safety appliances which save lives by serving as the last warning of an approaching train. In Canada, train whistle use is regulated under a strict set of federal regulations governed by the CROR. Transport Canada monitors railway operations to ensure train crews are in compliance with all rules and regulations.   Under CROR rules, train whistles at all public grade crossings must be sounded in a sequence of 2-long, 1-short, 1-long sounds. The train whistle sequence is initiated at least ¼ mile before each public grade crossing, and the last long whistle must be sounded until the public grade crossing is fully occupied by the train.
And continuing
These rules apply 24/7 and whistles must be sounded even if a crossing is equipped with flashing lights, bells and gates. In all cases when train crews observe persons or animals on or near CP tracks, whistles will be sounded in an attempt to warn of an approaching train.
And More

Rail operations

CP does our best to be a reasonable neighbour, but if you live near the railway you must expect to see and hear a certain amount of activity from our operations. Unlike a highway or busy road, the track is generally a very quiet place. When trains pass, you will hear the locomotives followed by the movement of freight cars and wheels making contact with the rails. When trains stop or start, you will hear the sound of brakes being applied or air under pressure passing through brake pipes on each car. You may also hear cars bumping together when slowing, or the slack being taken up when a train accelerates.

You will likely hear additional noises if you live near a rail yard, rail siding (a shorter, temporary line which runs parallel to our main lines) or terminal. In these areas, trains may stop for extended periods with their engines idling while our crews wait for another train to pass or to be given permission to pull out of the yard. Some terminals are served by trucks, trains and mobile equipment for moving and stacking containers, all of which operate around the clock and generate noise.

Google Search Criteria:  CPR Crossing Signals Busy Roads

Proximity Issues    https://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/tcss/RSA_review/chapter7-394.htm

7.1 New Development Near Railway Property

During the 19th century, many communities in Canada sprang up around railways - their link to the rest of the country and the world. Over the next century, for demographic and economic reasons, these communities expanded and many railways moved their yards and operating facilities away from the highly populated town centres. In the late 20th century, increasing numbers of residential and commercial developments were built in close proximity to railway properties, both in the downtown cores and in outlying areas. This trend continues today. In some cases, as we witnessed only too vividly, development can result in a residential area on one side of the track and schools or recreational facilities on the other, in spite of the obvious safety concerns relating to crossings and trespassing.

Residents of the new developments complain not only about crossing safety and train speeds through their community, but also about blocked crossings, the noise, pollution and vibrations emanating from the trains and their yards, and the quantity of dangerous goods being carried on trains through densely populated areas. The Panel received many submissions regarding these issues, from residents in urban and rural municipalities alike.

CPR Railway Projects

All that we can really say, or do, is ..... is it CPR's intention to act like a bad neighbour and is in the process of buying every adjacent lot?

Corridor map

Layout for Broadway near Arbutus ... No signals

Arbutus Corridor Overview Map

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Indians of British Columbia Smallpox, Census Volume 1 Impact of the white man / by William Duff 1964

Indians of British Columbia   Smallpox, Census

The Indian history of British Columbia, volume 1 :
the impact of the white man / by Wilson Duff. --




Page 42 of 116

The most terrible single calamity to befall the Indians of British Columbia was the smallpox epidemic which started in Victoria in 1862.  Unique circumstances caused it to spread faster and farther than any previous outbreak could possibly have done, and within two years it had reached practically all parts of the Province, and killed about one-third of the native people.

Following upon the first gold excitement in 1858, it became the habit of many of the northern coastal tribes to visit Victoria in large numbers, and at times more than 2,000 "Hydahs,"  "Stickeens,"  'Chimseans, "  Bella Bellas,"  Fort Ruperts, "  and so on were camped on the outskirts of the settlement.  that was the situation in April, 1862, when a white man with smallpox arrived from San Francisco.  Before long, despite dire warnings in the Colonist, the disease reached the camps of the Indians, and they began to die in fearful numbers.   Alarmed, the authorities burned the camps and forced the Indians to leave.  They started up the coast for home, taking the disease with them, leaving the infection at every place they touched.   The epidemic spread like a forest fire up the coast and into the interior; the details of its progress can be followed in dispatches sent to the Colonist from Nanaimo, Fort Rupert, Bella Coola, Port Simpson, Stickeen, Lillooet, Williams Lake.  At Cape Mudge the Euclataws ambushed a party of Haidas heading home, and caught the disease as part of their spoils.  In the Chilcotin a white man took blankets from the bodies of the dead and sold them to other Indians, who were infected in their turn.   At Port Simpson, by good chance, William Duncan had moved with his Christian converts to establish a new village at Metlakatla, just in time to avoid the arrival of the disease.  On Bonilla Island a party of southern Haidas perished while they waited for good weather to cross Hecate Strait.  In a few places doctors or priests vaccinated the Indians and check the disease, but in most areas, as the Colonist put it, it raged unchecked until it exhausted itself for want of material to work on.  When the epidemic started, there were about 60,000 Indians in British Columbia.  When it had burned itself our two or three years later, there were about 40,000.

Smallpox was not the only disease that cut deeply into the Indian population.  Epidemics of measles, influenza, tuberculosis, and others also took their heavy tolls.  Venereal disease, a result of prevalent prostitution, killed many and rendered infertile many more.  Alcohol, introduced early as an item of trade, diluted and adulterated in various ways, was also the direct or indirect cause of many deaths.

Few Indians here, in comparison with other parts of the continent, were killed in battles with the white men.  Along the coast there were a few small but spectacular massacres of the crews of trading ships, or of Indians attempting to capture them, and several bombardments of villages by naval vessels.  In the interior there were very few attacks on trading posts, and one or two armed clashes, much too small to be called Indian Wars.*  (Accounts of nearly all of the Indians-white clashes may be found in B. A. McKelvie's little book "Tales of Conflict")

The Indians' own intertribal wars were quite another matter;  the introduction of firearms made these much more lethal affairs, and the mortality rates, especially along the coast, came to be terribly high.  It is difficult to gain an appreciation of the destructiveness of this warfare without going over, one by one, the traditional histories of each of the tribes.  Murders, massacres to avenge them, and more massacres in retaliation form a constantly recurring pattern.  Many small tribes were, in effect, exterminated.  Some of the more powerful tribes, embarked on contest of mutual annihilation.  The wars continued without abatement into the 1860's.  In the early journals we find frequent comments about the constant fighting among the Indians, but these somehow fail to convey the extent of the slaughter which was occurring just beyond the gaze of the men in the trading posts.


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Level Playing Field: BC Provincial elections: Status a nobody vs a nobody; PREMIER vs a nobody hmmmm

In the last election, probably in many past elections, the governing party asks for the writ to be dropped to call an election.  It's up to the .... BC Liberals of when the best time is for the dissolution of the Legislature and with it the status of the Members.

There has to be some form of continuance of a government, it's not turned over to a caretaker such as the Deputy Ministers ..... the Ministers remain in place until a new government is formed... however when it comes to the election, there is suppose to be a level playing field.  No Titles are permitted.

The Writ changes the status of all MLAs eg. for Vancouver Point Grey riding, she is must be introduced as a mere Candidate vs other Candidates.  No mention of her Title, such as Premier, may adorn any advertising, or publicized and reported on by the Main Stream Media, or you, or we.

Political parties introducing their Candidate, which just happens to be the Premier, cannot use the word Premier, but they have, and still did during the 2013 Provincial Election.

A basic underlying principle of democratic elections is that there must be a ‘level playing field’ for all candidates. An incumbent should not have an advantage over other candidates because of access to public funds or because of the status associated with being a Member of the Legislative Assembly. In keeping with this principle, when the Legislature is dissolved Members cease to be Members.
Election Transition Guide for Non Returning Members of the Legislative Assembly FINAL-April_2013

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Thailand enters Space Race

Dear Permittee: Mount Polley Mining Corporation

Not even a year has gone past in the Mount Polley Tailings Pond breach and the BC Liberal Government are giving Imperial Mines a 21 gun Salute of a Job well done with specific conditions, one in particular:
This permit does not authorize entry upon, crossing over, or use for any purpose of private or Crown lands or works, unless and except as authorized by the owner of such lands or works.

Bennett / Polak Press Release on restarting Mount Polley Mine


Dear Permittee:

Enclosed is Amended Permit 11678 issued under the provisions of the Environmental Management Act. Your attention is respectfully directed to the terms and conditions outlined in the permit. An annual fee will be determined according to the Permit Fees Regulation.

This permit does not authorize entry upon, crossing over, or use for any purpose of private or Crown lands or works, unless and except as authorized by the owner of such lands or works. The responsibility for obtaining such authority rests with the permittee. This permit is issued pursuant to the provisions of the Environmental Management Act to ensure compliance with Section 120(3) of that statute, which makes it an offence to discharge waste, from a prescribed industry or activity, without proper authorization. In addition, this permit is issued with the directive that works authorized by sections 1.1 and 1.3 are subject to repair, suitable to the Director, and must be complete and in operation when these respective discharges commence. It is also the responsibility of the permittee to ensure that all activities conducted under this authorization are carried out with regard to the rights of third parties, and comply with other applicable legislation that may be in force. snip

 Page 19

Page 20

Page 21

All that is required now is to keep a close eye on Political Contributions from Imperial and shareholders to the BC Liberal Party.

Imperial Metals

Brian Kynoch  President Imperial Metals

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lockhart Beach 1913 Kootenay Lake the British Pacific Properties of Burrard Inlet

 The good old heady days of CPR Mining development and their luxury of summer homes on Kootenay Lake in 1913, all properly surveyed in accordance to the British Columbia government.
Lockhart Beach : summer homes on Kootenay Lake : sale of Provincial Government lands by public auction as sites for attractive summer residences on Lockhart Beach, Kootenay Lake, on Monday, 16th day of June, 1913, at the Court House, Nelson, British Columbia. --
Assembled Pages 21, 22, 23, 24

More like a Jumbo Lodge Avalanche Chute

Sanitaria????   CPR messed this one up.... probably thought they were looking at another Banff Hot Springs, or Ainsworth, or Harrison Hot Springs or .... Nakusp   Sanitarium,  Sanita ria

25 page 

Park like setting
Lockhart Beach Provincial Park

Johnsons Landing????? landslide


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Hard Rock Cafe @ 30.96; MetalWorks Forum; Torch Fired Enamelling; SilverSmithing

'Baubles, Bangles, and Beads' seemed like an apt title for this Post, but it's best to let Mike do the talking and walking us through his, our, craft, and B, B and B:

Updated regularlyWednesday July 22, 2015  9:40am 12:06pm 12:19pm


Bernd Munsteiner  May 20, 2015


March 25, 2015  
      Metalworks-purchase of the Lapidary Jewelry Artist digital magazine for Metalworks class..

Dear all,

  it's my first foray into purchase of a digital magazine (the price was right and we saved on International postage-further savings)..maybe an old dog can learn new tricks..we'll see how we can interpret this magazine into opportunities in our classes..will need appropriate software to extra/alter images from the mag.. currently using  Pages like the Microsoft Word)..but if anyone else has thoughts on other software programs ..please let me know..its time for me to enter computer / design..time is priceless and opportunities arise in simplicity.. it..can't hurt ..maybe


.....accumulating scanned copies of clip art/books on heraldic shields/ornamentals from the inter-librarian system..already exceeded my limits..but sent this Hajime Ouchi  example of cover of book...also check out black/white clip art on web/images google search..i like the dover publications on designs they come with CD rom so you can capture images for use...my most recent book was the Big Book of Graphic Designs and Devices by Typony Inc and covers a broad range of choices( a Dover publication)..lotsa choices for etching and pattern selections here....scanning the Designs from pre-colombian mexico ..nice thing i can get 2  pages onto 1 sheet so not so much work...will bring in the sample designs when class begins again..soon before i get too poetic..

cheery less but eventually more expectant

..when bleary skies turn to balmy contentment



 Pauline Warg

Pauline Warg Video Making Metal Beads

Pauline Warg basic jewelry enameling Video

Blow Torch Fired Enamelling needs only your imagination
Elizabeth Olver,    Jewelry Design. The Artisan's Reference

Vancouver Public Library - Call # 739.27 O52je

Enamel is a form of glass, and enamelling is the process whereby this glass is fused to metal by heating to create areas of colour.  The colour of enamel can range from primaries to pastels; it can be opaque, translucent, or transparent, and can have a gloss or matte finish.  Despite its relative fragility, enamelling is an exciting art; the different techniques, colours, levels of opacity, and finishes possible with this process can produce unique effects that will enhance jewelry forms significantly. It is a time-consuming and labour-intensive technique, however, and requires patience and skill - E. Olver

Page 24 of 80


Dear All,

--attachment of small sampling of this text on colouration in metals-formulae book-374 pages..FYI...quite extensive and monumental in scope..

will send a small studio pamphlet by Charles Lewton-Brain..that's a lot simpler to grasp in next email..




 March 31, 2015
      Metalworks - pamphlet of metal patina's for small studio shop/work  

--Dear all,

 small pamphlet on metal colouring-patinas




 March 31, 2015
   Metalworks-4 books on colouring on metal

 --Dear all,

recently looking at 4 books on metal colouring the first is the bible of the industry ..an older text which is pedantic voluminous in content but slightly overwhelmingly  too much data for us--The Colouring, Bronzing and Patination of Metals by Hughes and Rowe) even the title of this book sounds ominous but if you have dedication and lotsa youth time, a book keeper...the second book is Patina by Matthew Runfola..this is well designed. informative and pleasing to read through..the third book is Colour on Metal by Tim McCreight and Nicole Bsullak and features the works of 50 artists with pics of their work and a brief write p on them..and lastly the 4th book is called the Art of Enamelling by Linda Darty and like the latter book is pleasing to read...i will try and send the first cover and the back covers of these books to you but having some problems so bear with me...might send separately over the next little while..




April 24th, 2015
     Metalworks Palko

 Dear all.

started looking at enamelling and came up with a website that had astounding enamel works and to equally learn that these artist live in Canada in the far reaches of a small town of Brockville Ontario .. its where i have my fondest memories after working on the farm  and after a hard days work going for a walk barefoot along the quiet streets with short blue jean cut-offs and bare chested, catching the glimmer of sunlight through the wafted tree branches creating shimmering shadows of dark/light interplay...after a hard day of leisure jumping into the clear waters of a stone quarry and returning later to work on the farm..fond memories of the cottage on the saint lawrence river.. fishing and catching the evening air ...life was so simple and pure..



ps   check this out


May 14, 2015
   Free Saturday May Demo - Torch Fired Enamel

Dear all,
a site on torch firing..add colour to your work..check out Eugenia Chan's new enamelling cradle with handle and spatula attachment from Rio Grande  and/or youtube her demo of this tools applications ..found a new website that has some useful tips/tricks/designs quite germane to our Metalworks forum...check out   Musings of a metalsmith on google..you'll have all the world of what we have tried to do in Metalworks in that grain of sand...enjoy and be grateful for what we have!!



May 16, 2015

   Metalworks-Designer Jewellery-the world's top artist by Claude Mazloum

dear all,

 rec'd a book via inter-library loan that is a synopsis attachment of some great  ideas in design ...detailing a summary short of each artist (like an abstract before  a technical research paper) ... works are shown few words exchanged..also a short on  designer diamond cuts/designer lapidary cuts by the infamous Bernd Munsteiner (faceted on the front and backs of gemstones that creates such unusual patterns ),,,there is a most beautiful section on Sculptor jewelery that once you see them you'll just want to carry out these experimental pieces yourself (didn't make pictures  of..enticing huh??) .. all in all a wonderful book that balances few words with much artistry..enjoy if you dare & lend it through the library .. i will have the book for a few more days and  return it through to Central library..     

  Contemporary Jewellers / Jewelry Designers / Goldsmiths / Metal Artists
listings A-Z A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

   here is another web site you might want to bookmark.. http:/www.metalcyberspace.com/exhibitions.htm this site categorizes galleries/museums/catalogues and more and has an- A-Z for  prominent artists with hypertext to check out their works/styles.. In the walks along Main Street..there was a jewelry shop- Sonya Picard which did not survive but has been replaced by Just Jewellery ... we walked in and we were really impressed with the diversity of styles..tribal/modern. I love the presentation of her jewellery pieces and the design of the shop..its spacious and inviting ... the shop is owned by Joanne who also has a shop in South Surrey ... she makes jewelry and they  often travel around the world picking up signature pieces. she asked me if i could  show her some of my cut stones..it appears it may be an outlet to sell your  cabochons to...her address for her shops are:

Just Jewellery 4360 Main Street

Just Jewellery #6-2970 King George blvd


May 19, 2015
   Metalwerx Open House and other great events in Boston this week

enjoy this site and bookmark it for some grand info... MetalWerx,  School for Jewelry,  Metal Arts,  Community Studio




May 20, 2015    Metalworks-Lapidary short on Facetted crystal by Munsteiner et.al.

--Dear all,

check out attachment on Bernd Munsteiners facetted crystal/carvings...google Atelier Munsteiner to see more representations of their works..this family has 3 generations and more in the lapidary arts from Idar Oberstein to the USA...

cheers everyone


May 21, 2013
     Metalworks-Art Deco on works of Jean Despres

Dear all,

--attached works on a period of the Machine Age..enjoy...10 pages on some of his works...this book s basically a monograph on this artists body of works..his design notebook has been itemized as well in this publication..good use of geometric cuts of lapidary material here as well




 June 9, 2015
    Metalworks-Home schooled jewelry classes

--Dear all,

 just returned from an arduous drive to Monterey area and San Francisco by car...now i know why its better to fly and Cruise...but after the trip came away with an appreciation of the innate beauty of our geological earth and definitely an appreciation to our farming community the people that work those long days to help us pursue our lives in the city... here is a web site that you can educate yourself in crafts..at your own time/leisure/pace ....www.craftonlineuniversity.com i also purchased a volume 1 and volume 2 mp4 file from Interweave on Enamelling by Pauline Warg  ... so ... so if you show up in silent protest i will be sitting there this Monday grieving with a smile with my computer to share this PDF and video to your flash drives and other assorted files...so drop in/drop off and drop out...get the files/dvd and enjoy..think of it like a laundry service...i will be reviewing my files/DVDs that i have on my computer in silence...i will be there from 09:00 AM to about 14:30 allowing for a lunch break at the vending machine of potato chips and a fizzling Fanta drink or maybe a Rootbeer (the one without alcohol although if it did, that would be a fun time )


mike -

June 9, 2015
     Metalworks-Homeschooled jewelry classes

 --Dear all,

 torch enamelling (something that we saw when Eugenia Chan gave demo with us) Volumes 1 and 2 by Pauline Warg.. a beautiful book on constructed metal beads..she is a great teacher with lotsa experience and skills..and just as a teaser i will have with me a BBC -high defintion documentary of the life/history of Faberge...




June 15, 2015
     Metalworks-DVD on Enamelling

--Dear all,

www.nancylthamilton.com just created another video on torch enamelling as well (free on her site) ..little twist/here n' there..but what i like about her video feed was the concept torched enamel cabochons..a great way to set up disc/dapped domed enamel jewelry..hey no more lapidary work needed...add colour to your work and randomness..i am looking for someone that is selling their enamelling equipment if you know anyone that is selling out would be interested in buying some of it




 June 17, 2015

Dear all,

 ...a book"Silversmithing for Jewelry Makers, authored by Elizabeth Bone...the subject matter will be directed from her book: Married Metals Granulation Filagree you may have noticed that sometimes i send several attachments on the same subject matter..there is a reason for this ...some authors have a lock and key of presentation on a particular technique that will resonant better with different students...which one will you gravitate to ???

...the married metals topic from Elizabeth Bone (like our membership is married to a common craft/hobby narrative) is a compelling/do-able technique that just might be of interest to some of us ...
Granulation strikes fear in me but others will be brave enough to attempt it and filagree is a tangle/web of discovery and beauty like a well seasoned group of people with a common goal.. .. to explore wire wrapping / weaved bracelets / necklaces using minimal equipment ... just another thought we could invite Eugenia Chan to talk about torch enamelling it would be possible to buy some enamels / cradles / rivet blocks from her,...just a thought experiment..regardless i will be there ...


mike -


June 17, 2015

--Dear all,

 a little twist...etching Silver using Ferric nitrate.....and what about photo-etching...there's a store on Main street..an electronics store (two stores)..the larger of which sells a photo etching kit...as you enter the store it sits lonely hearted on the left side entry on top of a cabinet-also transformers for electro-plating sold here..although noticed most have sold (must be a trend..everyone's doing it) 


 June 18, 2015
    Creating Depth and Texture in Your Designs

Wubbers University


June 24, 2015
    Metalworks-scanned Motifs-North American Indian and Art Nouveau designs-Dover Publications

--Dear all,

 have scanned and loaded onto laptop some free Royalty motifs approximately 900 plus clip art 

sincerely yours



June 30, 2015
Metalworks Celtic pattern and 1871 text on saw-filing..tooling for wavy bracelet & handy flux usage for Cu & Brass..

--Dear all,

 ...the Great Book of Celtic Patterns - approx. 192 pages in length...another book that i have on this weeks agenda is an 1871 textbook on the Art of Saw filing...what i find fascinating about the era of this books is in the use of language and clarity...i have quite a library of the old texts and enjoy them when i find time...so have fun...I have also purchased (not yet picked up ) the wavy bracelet making kit from www.potterusa.com check out the toolbar under videos and look for wavy bracelets (or was it squishy ??)..we have all the tooling to do these tasks as well ordered from Otto Frei the HMR 108/109 hammers and some Handy flux for non-ferrous metals ..really interested to see how well this flux works with brass/copper...Lexi Erickson uses this exclusively so it's probably darn good...if you'd like we could view the use of the HMR 108/109 hammers for the fluted bangle..i have this DVD on the laptop and all the tooling to accomplish the task..let's talk about our craft...the possible and not the impossible.....see ya'll hopefully ..soon..

Lexi Erickson Gallery


mike -


 July 3, 2015
     Metalworks-another interesting book

--Dear All,

Uber Schmuck und Stein:  Zeitgenössische Schmuck-und Objektgestaltung ...will bring into our meeting along with a few other books of interest....



July 7, 2015
    Metalworks - HARDROCK CAFE  reminder  July 13th, Monday

--we had another wonderful sit down discussing our craft viewing several books that i had inter-library loaned from the Central Library ... uploaded to flash drives of  attendees Artisan Reference ebook and a Celtic design book...for the next meeting  decided to instead of the cold connection DVDs by Helen Driggs-Vol.1 and 2  (Art Jewellers co-editor) that i would provide a 1 hour DVD on forging by Sweetman..its a DVD about 1 hour in length......Mr.Sweetman makes up 2 bracelets and gives the proper mechanics of how to do it...Forging is another way to shape and form and is part n' parcel of the design vocabulary for your craft...at the next meeting i may show the short 18 minute DVD of fluted Braclet mechanics by Bill Fretz Vol 2 and show you the tooling which i have to accomplish this practice ..as well picked up the Wavy bracelet kit by www.potterusa.com and will show this as well...to get the heads up of the Wave bracelet video feed please go to the website www.potterusa.com and look for the toolbar for Videos..then hit the "the Wave Bracelet" tab and view..this video feed is 12 minutes in length...have fun this week..working on the cleaning up of the piano keys that i retrieved from the back lane alley .. have what i believe are ivory slabs and lead weight snubs and black (flat/sharp keys) possibly ebony wood products...decided to offer up some of these products to the attendees at the next HardRock Cafe meeting...the black ebony wood can be slabbed using a jewellers saw to whatever thickness (1-3 number jewellers saw blade??) and with silver would make a stirring piece of jewelry...just a thought...see you next week...bring your ideas about alternative ways to continue our craft i.e. other club venues, the Creative Jewellers Guild...does anyone have others..??... Mountain Gem / Capilano lapidary

Creative Jewellers Guild
cheerios for now


July 9th, 2015
    Metalworks-Challenge for the day---

 --Dear all, while on the topic of enamelling..which we've talked about in the last few weeks and/or viewed on Pauline Wargs Volume 1/2-torch enamelling DVD..i submit a website that encapsulates the spirit of enamelling.. www.hunter-studios.com if any of you have a site of discovery or a website that you might want to share...reply and i will encapsulate and send to all ...a team effort perhaps.. 

I remain yours sincerely

mike - 


July 13th, 2015    6:19pm
    Metalworks-next sit-down forging/hydraulic form wave bracelet & books

Forging bracelet DVD by Sweetman - 1 hour DVD and viewing of tools for and video feed on the Wave Bracelet indicated at www.potterusa.com...remember to bring your 8-16-32 Gig Flash Drives...will bring a few books for viewing as well..Oppi Untracht's ...Traditional Jewelry of India...Metal Techniques for Craftsman-Jewelry Concepts and Technology...



 Oppi Untracht

July 13, 2015   7:04pm
   Metalworks - Sinusoidal stakes..DVD on shell forming- www.ncblack.com

-Dear all,

sorry about my last web feed...the site noted should have been ... www.potterusa.com the check the tool bar-VIDEO- the Wave Bracelet and watch the 12 minute video posted ....i have picked up the tooling for this project and will bring in next week to show you,, also remind myself to give up some of my ivory/ebony piano material for mixed media jewelry projects that attendees can take home...
VIDEO- the Wave Bracelet
 cheers mike


attached is a template of a sinusoidal stake you can carve out in wood / delrin plastic..if i have a piece of plastic (pre-cut can give you if i can find it,) will save you time..have to enlarge these pics though to-135%...  at Mountain Gems can make copies for you they did it for me last time...

cheers mike

July 13, 2015   7:08pm  Amendment
    Metalworks-Sinusoidal stakes..DVD on shell forming- www.ncblack.com

Dear all,

 have sent this file on several occasions in the past...but thought i would send again..have a DVD by Andrea Harvin-Kennington on Shell forming for Jewelry making which is about 1.5 hours long and with the attachment is a start to making your own sinusoidal stakes...for a list of tools that Andrea has created on her DVD go to  to her website... www.ncblack.com this is an exciting avenues for creating volume from flat metal..the possibilities are endless... please remember to bring your flash drives ...



July 14, 2015  7:41am

Metalworks-Symbol designs/transfer/print and etch-FeCl/ammonium persulphate and ferric nitrate & batteries

--Dear all,

go to the website... http://www.adinkra.org/ on the top of the webpage are 63 symbols..drop and drag to desktop... and then play with your printer to paste 1-12of these symbols upon a pdf sheet... no need to print but play... see if you can find a software program by interacting with others to see what they are using... for instance i use a program Picasa (free download) and there are many others ...i don't prefer any over any other just found the first one and it worked...ain't broke don't fixer..you can print your symbols onto PNP papers using a laser printer (press n' peel) and imprint these upon clean copper/brass metal and etch.. for the etching you can use ferric chloride (at electronic stores) ...ammonium perchlorate (RP electronics-2752 Rupert Street,Vancouve, BC 604-738-6722) and if you want to etch silver use Ferric Nitrate ( www.sciencecompany.com ) ..you might be able to source locally as well i'm sure.

The other mode of etching we had done in our class was Galv-etching and this is a process by which we apply an electromotive force (battery power/or battery charger) to a solution of kosher salt/water and /or copper sulphate which can be purchased at Home depot named as a fungicide, check label for purity and components-purer is better... for our next sit down class will bring in some tooling and odds and sods...nothing specific because i end up forgetting half of it...so play it again Sam... if any of you require a DVD feed on etching by Lexi Ericksen (Jewelry artist mag. submitter) bring your empty Flashdrives..



 July 14, 2015   8:50am
     Metalworks-next roundtable July 20-2015  Welcome to Beaducation!

Dear all,

here is a site that explores and demos by visual education...completed simple projects..think of it as filling in the blanks..simple projects leads to simple on simple...which when added upon creates organized chaos...perhaps quantum weirdness ... play dice anyone ??



July 15, 2015  9:38pm

Metalworks-websites to explore ... easy format all in one place viewing..

Dear all,

enjoy these websites and look especially at the design/presentations :

will send in next few days websites of organization i.e. www.metalmuseum.org 



July 15, 2015  9:53pm

Metalworks..GiJs Bakker and Jewelry

--Dear all,

couldn't help myself scanning this partial book for some of his quotes...

check out his website: www.gijsbakker.com




July 16, 2015

Metalworks-if you have Cold Feet and Wonderment something is going Right

--Dear all,

... have just recently become a fan of Facebook (a few months-seriously) ... became friends with Michael David Sturlin ..it reminds me that sometimes we want to make things 'as quick as possible. and in the end ..methinks, are we really so enthralled at what we accomplished that we would bolt out of our bed and run down onto a cold frigid concrete floor in the workshop to view at our creation and stare in wonderment ...when i was younger person taking several jewelery courses with Olga H. (at her home) the techniques she taught me from the old schools in Europe and the fierce austere manner of her teaching created for me by her guidance jewelry that gave me such moment-truths (and many times) ..today I could never reproduce the patience and discipline she wanted to impart onto me to make these pieces ..so going back to Michael David Sturlin see his timeline of Facebook and as attached a picture of 6 saw pierced/carved bezels in .999 silver ...using file and saw and imagination / patience and discipline to do it right. He has given the right to copy these patterns from his postings on Facebook (he teaches his students these tasks).. they are a joy to look at ...a way to do this same project but at a relatively macroscopic way is to forge half round wire from round stock using a swage block (could solder up into bangle or leave it flat) and just using your needle files play with patterns (maybe even saw pierce edges/rounds/triangles et.al.)

..it'll take a while to finish the project but maybe you'll experience the cold feet in the early morning and gap in wonderment at your work like a child who has first walked onto a horizon with no end in sight... www.michaeldavidsturlin.com

PS ...discovered if you want to check out /follow jewelers works specifically...type their, name.com and you'll more than likely get to their works directly...discovered this looking through Metalsmith mag.



July 20, 2015   9:57am
     Metalworks -next HRC today at 09:00 AM- 2:30 PM...

Hi all,

--brought piano keys for distribution to attendees...tooling for wave bracelet...and todays DVD will be etching with Lexi E...also brought a home made sinusoidal stake and will show that tools you need to make and the book where the patterns are to make this tools as well on youtube can find the info required to make the speculum/anti/synclastic jewelry as Beth Wicker Per, Michael Good / hope to see you today




July 20, 2015  10:19pm
Metalworks- Museums/craft schools/ museums/ general interest/ summer camps from Metalsmith magazine volume 334/ no.2/ 2014


July 21, 2015 9:40am
      Metalworks-check out: Harufumi Shiraki

--Dear all,

promised some people i would put a link to the fine jewelry works on youtube of saw piercing .... youtube:  Harufumi Shiraki ....one can check out his use of the templates/stylus, positioning of templates and his Bench pin is composed of ebony and/or iron wood which is hard/slippery (which allows more subtle mobilty of his project to the saw position) and his kerf on the bench pin is thin which allows a better singing of the blade rather than the chatter if both sides of the fine sawing is not supported properly...



July 22, 2015  11:02am
    Metalworks-   enamelling starter kit  Eugenia Chan

I think the attached are the very basic for Enamelling, plus a few colours on enamel powder.
You don't need a tripod if you don't have one, the stainless steel Spatula is a new design that makes shifting and picking up the piece a charm. The Torch is easy to use and the butane canisters can be bought at the Chinese grocery for a pack of 4 for $5.00.

 July 22, 2015, 11:22
     Metalworks- another website on Southwest Indian Jewelers works

Dear all,

-check it out: Stimulating ... www.collectionsouthwest.com remember to bookmark your most valuable URLs saves time ...classic -- comtemporary designs... 


July 22, 2015 12:08pm
    Metalworks- a Compendium of Indian Artist's names (google)...Jewelry Sources-websites

--Dear all,

    ... try to find the best in class of books on a subject matter and immediately go to the end of  the book..seeking out references/sources/institutes..these 4 sheets of information should act as a stimulation for designs in the Indian motifs... hope this helps should you wish to explore this design further or if you dry up for ideas explore in your down turn of a busy lifestyle..

 Southwestern Indian Jewelry - Crafting New Traditions



July 22, 2015  12:19pm
    Metalworks- two more websites for you- Schiffer and Brynmorgen

--Dear all,

 this will be my last postings for this week until our next meeting July 27 - 2015 at the Hard Rock Cafe- 09:00 AM-2:30 PM the websites are: 

1) www.schifferbooks.com/arts-crafts-catalog-957/arts-crafts-828/jewelry-874/ this is an independent publishing outlet..featuring - Art Jewelry Today (collection of 3) which are books for Designers/Collector-99.7% pictorial delight and another one is -Art Jewelry Europe ..a nice publishing site that caters to a wide audience . 

2) www.brynmorgen.com/resources.html you will find pattern sheets for ring sizing and a circle divider for free and a wonderful palet presentation on patination..its simple and concise...check it out 

Hope to see some of you next Monday

..take care